Mother’s day

Deguia has put together a very interesting meme that I think is worth thinking about and doing. Some of us are lucky to still have both of our parents alive, some of us are not… but in the end I think remembering the good they did for us its what counts. So… lets do this for our Mother’s

Mother’s Day will take place on May 11th and while I’m not a huge fan of the whole “Corporate America wants us all to honor our mothers on one day each year” thing, I do agree that doing something a little extra for your mom is never a bad thing.

From my experience, no matter how old you are, moms love it when their kids make something for them. Often times it’s difficult to think up something creative to do for your mother, so I thought it’d be fun to start a meme to help get the creative juices flowing.

Tell me about three things, in detail, that make you really appreciate your mom!

Be specific! Think about all of the things your mother may have done for you: things she may have sacrificed, times when she went WAY above and beyond for you, etc.

To kick things off, I’ll go first:

1. My mom has a warm meal for us every single day we were growing up. This might not mean much to some people, but I know it meant the world to me. I appreciate it even more in todays world of never ending work weeks and deadlines.
2. She stayed up with me every single time that I was sick. She would do special meals for me and nurse me back to health every single time.
3. My mom sacrificed the best days of her life for me. She was just 16 when she had me and growing up I never thought of her as one of the after school special girls. She never made me feel like I had stopped her life or was a big sacrifice.

Your turn! Leave me a comment at Deguia’s and let him know that you’ve done this meme, he really wants to check out what you wrote!

2 comments on “Mother’s day

  1. Whats with you and hating consumerism/capitalism/corporate America???? Good lord your a walking talking example of corporate america. ROFL. *knocks you off your high horse* Tyler Durden wanna-be.

    My mother passed away this week 2 years ago. She died of brain/lung cancer from smoking 2 packs a day for over 40 years. She died on mothers day and we buried her a week later, I was there in the hospice with my father and Alix joined us half way thru. Cancer is among the worst ways of dying (slow). This relates to what I miss/love about her, her;

    1. unwavering persistence and relentlessness to get things DONE. If she wanted something she was going to get it. I wish I had that quality. She never stopped moving, always had to be doing something, anything.

    2. her love for my father thru the bad times and good they stuck together having been married 40 years! It’s a rare thing to be married to one person for 40 years.

    3. being a pessimist/realist. sounds weird but she taught me that life is NOT fair and life is full of things not good and for me to see things on many different levels. she wouldn’t sugarcoat most things, just give you the straight dope.

    3.1 I can remember on summer days we would sit down on the back porch where she and I would eat our home grown/picked Tomatoes sliced and a salt shaker with a big glass of sun tea….just my mom and I talking about nothing.

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