Busy week, fun weekend

Work was crazy last week, we had so many things to fix it almost smelled of sabotage. It was not, but it sure felt like it. Bea is finally getting used to the routine and she is not as tired as she was before. Since she started working this was the first weekend she did not have to go into the office. That was great.

Had a dinner with a lawyer friend that I am doing some consulting for, think of it I am like her IT department, but its working out very well. I am learning tons about that field and I am going to be able to help her business.

Having my wife around this weekend was so great, I miss her now that she is at work. I think that she will change schedules this week so we actually get to spend another hour together a day and that will make it all worth it. We are still trying to plan a trip to Colombia some time this year, but it might be later on than we expected.

So what did you end up doing this weekend?

7 comments on “Busy week, fun weekend

  1. Wow, sounds like we are having the same occurrence of Murphy’s Law! We’ve had a string of breakdowns at our house of one form or another. A few weeks back our sump pump died and we only found out when we went downstairs and the carpet went “squish” when we stepped on it. After the restoration company was done dealing with all that, we had to replace the carpet. While dealing with all that, our side-by-side refrigerator stopped dispensing water. After that repair man got done, we had to replace a fan motor and dispose of all the food in the refrigerator that had frozen solid and wasn’t good anymore! (FYI – Frozen eggs don’t fry up really well). Saturday we had the carpet installers come and that turned out really well so we almost have our house back to normal. What could be next?!?! =)

  2. Fri was kara gone wrong along with Minsky’s Pizza!! Yumm.
    Sat was dropping Alixs son at the airport then hitting and losing at the casino (Argosy). Chillin.
    Sunday was me on WoW all day, missing Alix (she works sundays).

    Mark M : I feel ya on house blues. House warranties FTW!. And things COULD be worse, knock on some wood! =D

  3. Wookie, Minsey’s is one of my faves. Nice choice! A night can’t be all bad with good pizza.

    MarkM, I feel for you. Every time something in my house goes to hell, I swear at all my friends who encouraged me to buy rather than continue renting.

    And Logta, I think you know what I did Sunday, but Friday was BSG with my younger brother and Saturday was Chinese and “Cloverfield” with my GF.

    Happy freakin Monday all!

  4. Thanks for the sympathy all. I guess that is just the “joys of home ownership” =) And YES, it could be much worse! I’m counting my blessings!

  5. I discovered my cats had fleas this weekend…after I treated one for ear mites, no less. So now both have been treated and are getting flea combed like crazy. I also started washing all the linens in the house again. Today, even though you didn’t ask, was work work work and then spreading borax all over the house to kill any possible eggs. Ick ick ick. Otherwise, the weekend consisted of Wiley’s phone running out of money because it thought he was in Serbia, a girls’ night Friday night, and running on a trail for the first time. My arse, her biscuit’s are burnin’.

  6. We finally got some sun so we went to the dog park and then grilled at a friend’s house, which was nice. Of course, Sunday returned to the pouring rain (but it’s sunny now since it’s a weekday while we’re all in the office as it tends to usually be:)

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