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Ever since I moved to Chicago I heard that for a while the Sears tower was the tallest building in the world. Actually to be exact, it was the tallest building from 74 to 98 when the Petronas Towers in Malaysia took over. The title is currently held by Tapei 101 in Taiwan, but there are plenty of buildings coming down the pipe that are gunning to take the title. Not to be anticlimatic, but a Dubai building is going to just be almost Babel tower like and dwarf everything by a long shot… the building is called Burj Dubai but I think it already looks too inspired by the Sears tower. It might just be Chicago pride.

It seems unfair to just dismiss the building because it is going to be gigantic, a word often used the right way. I blame marketing types. However two engineering marvels are being built in Chicago that will be spectacular.

Aqua USA does not look all that impressive when looked at from a distance, but once it is built and we are able to look at it from a closer angle a water effect is going to make the building appear as if it was made out of water. I actually considered architecture as a career path, but back then i did not realize how fantastic the field could be.

There are other impressive buildings being built in China, Russia and these very futuristic building in Penang, but the one that I am looking forward to the most is the drill bit like building called Chicago Spire by Santiago Calatrava. Call it Chicago Pride, or just the fact that this is probably the tallest building I will ever be in, once it is constructed, but I am really looking forward to it changing the Chicago skyline.

6 comments on “Tall Buildings

  1. if we got anything here, its architecture and hot dogs. :)

    and at least the architecture influences a lot of other cities. not so sure about the dogs.

    and no matter how many times i travel away from this city, coming home still gives me chills as that skyline appears when coming back home. and i haven’t been able to find another city yet that makes me feel that way.

    indeed, Chicago Pride! its a wonderful city! with wonderful things!

    and GO CUBS! 😉

  2. I liked the screw…err Spire video of the Chicago building. Wonder if the top floor is residential or viewing. Think the rent could be under 1000.00 a month? Wanna split it Log? =D

    I miss chicago for it’s downtown vibe. NY has one too but it’s a different vibe. Chicago’s seems more relaxed vs. NY. I need to take a train back up there soon!

  3. Very cool. Nothing wrong with a little pride. These buildings are all marvels.

    Testaments to the our fascination with all that is gigantic and penile.

  4. My dad does a lot of work in Dubai and has sent me many pictures from the region. The Burj is massive.

  5. Supertall buildings such as the Burj Dubai don’t make much sense from an economic standpoint. It’s more of a national pride thing.

  6. Supertall buildings may not make much direct economic sense, but creating prestige has its own benefits in the ripple effects they create. I, for one, am glad to see that the most recent wave of super-tall buildings actually look cool (unlike the fugly Sears Tower or WTC).

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