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Talking to the local bloggers I decided that every time we have a meetup I end up with more questions than answers. I like to know certain things about people that you can only get to know via conversation… before there was memes :) so here is the first Blogger Interview and man, it was hard to get a hold of “the D“.

Logtar L: ping!
The D D: what’s up!

L: so are you ready for this D?
D: Is that the first question? shoot!

L: yes Sir, the interview has begun.
My first question is, why would you tell people that have never visited your blog about it?
D: I would tell them that its all about me, The D! (yes I shout “THE D”)
Stuff I do and stuff I think about
Stuff that happens to me and my life in general
I just try to give it a little bit of my personality, by making it funny I want people to have a good time when they read it

L: All bloggers are a little egotistical, you tend to speak on the third person… are you really this cool with all that pressure to always be awesome?
D: I think you would have to be a little egotistical to have a blog that is about yourself. Plus I don’t take myself too seriously I think most of my best post about stupid stuff that I have done. Like falling down while out running. Who else would tell everyone that ? Or when i got my car stolen because I left it running when I went in to a Quicktrip
But I really don’t feel any pressure to do anything on the blog or talk about certain things. I don’t tell everything on the blog.
Its just me and that is what you get.

L: Is there pressure from anyone other than yourself about keeping things secret?
D: No I don’t listen to people when they tell me things to blog about or when they try to give me ideas. I’ve had a few people tell me that I should tell certain stories from the past or when I was a kid but I have just never gotten around to telling them.
Other wise those would be there ideas and not mine.

L: Tell me a guilty pleasure, it could be something you have revealed before, but the catch is that you have to tell me why its guilty.
D: That’s a tough one

L: I only have two more tough questions :) and the easy one will be last 😉
D: Why I feel guilty I have them?

L: I guess more of why they make you feel guilty, why is there guilt involved… I have an example if that would help…
D: Sure give me an example

L: I knew you were going to go for that, but this is the first tough question so… like for a while my wife got me into Gilmore Girls, I felt guilty watching it because I knew that my friends would have a field day making fun of me for it, and I actually enjoyed watching it and I guess no respectable card carrying man should have.

D: That’s nothing I like to watch Ghost Whisper. But prly for dude reasons. Jeiffer Love Hewlet Is HOT and she is always wearing lost cut tops.
That’s Jennifer Love Hewlit
L: You still got it wrong, lol
D: or hoe wver she spells her last name
L: but I will let it go, you do not want to know her name anyway… LOL
D: Nope she’s just hot, that all I need

D: So I would have to say a guilty pleasure would be that I like to listen to people like Harry Conick Jr, Frank Sinatra, and Barry Manalow
Barry what’s his face, They relax me.
L: there you go, that is a guilty pleasure… I might be able to get tickets when he comes to KC… LOL, but I was not going to try
I guess I should now. That’s cool, music is such a cool thing… I cannot even begin to tell you what stuff I listen to because its way more… but anyway this is about you so… My next question is my egotistical one, have you ever actually enjoyed any of my posts?

D: But I would never admit to even owning any of Harry’s or Barry’s albums. But Frank is cool you can’t even get closet to his coolness
One of your post is my fav?

*Longest pause of the night, I think he went to look for a post*

D: Your pretty new to me so I haven’t had a chance to go back a read all of your early stuff. I like the Friday feast. But I’m always a smart ass when I do them.
You had a really good one the other week about friends. I think that one was pretty good.
Well thought out
L: Thanks… nice save.
Ok, so now we have the next to the last question… but I cheat and make it a word association one… and be quick! ready?
D: GO!
L: Purple
D: people eaters
L: Family
D: first pryority
L: Pony
D: priority
emspal good
me spal good
L: I see that, Pony
D: horse?
L: Internet
D: I don’t know
addiction or addicted
L: Ok, that is it dude… my last question is easy… what is your all time favorite video in you tube?
D: Easy it on my myspace. It’s Darth Vaders brother Chad Vader. He works in a grocery store. my fave is the first and second episodes.

And that is it folks, the D has been interviewed. I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. I started watching the Gilmore Girls with the wife because she watched so many of my shows. Plus, Rory’s ass is phenomenal.

    The D totally should have went for the spelling of Jennifer Love Hugetits.

    I don’t know if my guilty pleasures can legally be spelled out on the internets.

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