Exciting weekend

But can I get an extra day? We had tons of fun this weekend, and it went by flying. Friday I did a little SSBB playing with a buddy while Bea watched Arrested Development. Saturday she actually had to work, so I was a good husband and did all the laundry and got my Warrior to 26!

Then in the afternoon we headed to see the Royals, but ended up heading to 75th street brewery to watch the rest of the game. While we both like baseball, we don’t want to freeze our noses off when probably next month we can watch them with beautiful weather outside. Still, thanks to Chimpo for setting all of it up… it was great to see everyone, Eric, Michelle, Cry Baby D, Sponge, Dan, Jim and get to talk to Celest and Toast. I heard Just Cara was there, but I did not see her… supposedly she left before and forgot to reimburse Chimpo.

We met some friends for lunch on Sunday at the Colombian restaurant and had to hear a pretty sad story of someone being denied their refugee status… but that is something for another day. The we just relaxed the rest of Sunday, but wow… we need an extra day just to catch up. What did you guys do this weekend?

10 comments on “Exciting weekend

  1. I did all sorts of fun stuff like raking the yard, replacing switch plates in some upstairs bedrooms, replacing light fixtures and visiting the in-laws!! Oh yeah!! Y’all are jealous now!

  2. Spent quite a bit of time in the man cave. Watched Davinci code, Awake, and Casino Royale.

  3. I believe I said it before but grats on 26. Hope you are saving up for that mount!

    As for the Royals game, 75th woulda been more in line with my watching habits. Not the same as dogs and nachos at the park, but better beer! Looking forward to stories!!

  4. “Friday I did a little SSBB playing with a buddy while Bea watched Arrested Development.”

    Same Sex Butt Buddys? While Bea watched TV?!?

    You guys are freaky!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  5. If he and Bea hadn’t been so kind and given me a ride to 75th Street, perhaps saving my life, I would rag on him for not including a link to my blog, too. But he did, so I won’t.

  6. Dan, you are in the blogroll!!! D, you got a WHOLE POST to yourself… I am just lazy when I am link building… I will fix them later.

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