Logtar’s Friday’s Feast

The cook is taking a break so I am going to cook up a meal for you guys :) (link them and link me :) )

Lets start with a trio sampler of word association… I say,

Tear ::
Hawk ::
Alien ::

If you had to pick a body of water that you have visited in your life to build a house next to, which one would it be… describe the scenary.


Everyone is being green now-a-days, what is your favorite green initiative?

Main Course
Mexican is one of my favorite foods, share the name of your favorite Mexican dish with all of us (and where to find it) … even if it is just a Taco Bell chalupa?

What was the color of your first bicycle, or the oldest toy that you remember and what fruit do you associate with that color?

…that is it, its a replacement meal so like Slim Fast it does not really count as food but it fills up! enjoy

7 comments on “Logtar’s Friday’s Feast

  1. Tear: drop
    Hawk: eagle
    Alien: movie

    Soup: Lake Champlain, on the Vermont/New York border, mountains visible in the distance

    Salad: driving less

    Main course: lenguado (sp?) canarias, at Meson Ole in Centerreach, NY, fish filet with bananas

    Dessert: I *think* my first bike was orange. Pretty obvious what fruit I associate with that color.

  2. “mexican” dish….hmmm. My enchilladas. Take Hamburger (or Chicken) Helper Cheesy Enchillada box from the store along with one small can and one big can of Old El Paso enchillada sauce (any level of spice). During the day, put two or three chicken breasts in the crock pot with your favorite spices for slow cooking. When you get home for dinner follow the directions on the box. Once the sauce is thickened you can take the mix of rice, sauce and chicken can be added to tortillas. I like to add a little cheese into the tortillas. I take the small can of enchillada sauce can to use on the bottom of the baking dish. Then put all enchilladas in that dish. Cover the enchilladas with the big can of sauce and sprinkle cheese over everything. Bake until bubbling at 300 degrees. Add lettuce, sour cream and ENJOY!

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