I am not the biggest sport fan there is, but I do like to cheer for my teams and the Royals and the Chiefs are in different divisions than the Cubs and the Bears so it is easy to cheer for all of them. The Wizards and the Fire are another story.

Today is the Cubs home opener, and I know many people will say that the Cubs have never done anything within my lifetime. I do not deny that, but then you just don’t understand what it is to be a fan. You like your team because you have lived there, or like me was the first professional baseball team you ever saw play.

One of the hardest things of being away from Chicago, even though I love Kansas City, besides being away from family is the great food. I have yet to have found good Chicago Deep Dish pizza, and miss my loaded hot dogs and Italian beef.

Thanks to Food, K.C. and Other Things, I found out about this Cubs home opener day lunch today. I might have to go and get an Italian Beef :) if have never had one, go to KC Lunch spots for the false advertisement (the first time I saw his blog I thought he had found this delicious dish here in a KC lunch spot). I am already wearing my Cubs jersey :)
I am predicting that the Cubs are going to win it all this year and hope to be right as I was when I predicted the Patriots demise at the hands of the Giants.

7 Responses to Go CUBS!

  1. Is that why you were asking about my ethnicity on Friday? You like your Subway filled with Italian beef?

  2. This just in Cubs lose officially eliminated from post season.

  3. Just keep practicing the phrase, “There’s always next year.”

  4. Chimpo, I think the D wants that sammich way more than I do.

    And Travis, this IS next YEAR!

  5. Posers. It’s all about the Oakland A’s!

  6. its this year! it has to be! its 100 years dude! woo! go cubs! go cubs!

    cubs fans are the best around.

    how was that italian beef? any good… hmmm maybe i will get a real one on the way home tonite… woo!

    GO CUBS!

  7. GO CUBS! This is their year, I”m sure of it.

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