Smelly Gym, Smelly Gym

What are they feeding you? We went into the Gym this week, Bea had recently but it had been my first time back since I started martial arts. We decided to wait until the 5 – 7 rush was over and headed there after 8. The smell when we walked in was unreal. I am not sure if there was 2 really smelly guys or if there was a witches brew of body odor that just got stronger over time.

Gyms are always somewhat smelly, but I swear this was worse than locker room after a team practise The thing is that other than leaving the place, the only thing we could do was find machines away from people and just try to get used to the smell. Most deodorants say that they can work all day, but people if you head to the gym after work, apply a little more… for everyone else that has to breathe.

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  1. Haha, Smelly Cat. I loved Phoebe.

    Anyway… I can’t handle the gym smell either. I have to work out at home. Maybe if you buy one of those car air fresheners that you hang off of your mirror, you could hang it around your neck. Or better yet, the smelly people’s neck…

    Yeah, I know, not a good idea. I’m a little ill today. Sorry.

  2. Why on earth would you expect a place filled with sweaty people to smell relatively nice?

    The only thing that saves most gyms is that the smell of the rubber floor mats usually does a decent job at negating the stench of people sweat.

    As a general rule, I go to my happy place when I walk through my gym’s front door.

  3. When I go to the Y it is mostly to swim. But you still have to wade thru some funk sometimes.

    My biggest complaint tho is not the smell but old balls. Why the hell do some men, usually the older crowd, like to wander the locker room with their 3 foot sack hanging out while they talk to everybody (or at least talk to me). I understand that you cant exactly throw them under the hand dryer, but for gods sake pat them off and put your drawers on!

  4. I haven’t been in a smelly gym since I went to the YMCA 15 years ago. I thin they have made leaps and bounds in cleanliness every other place I have been. Looks like there are still places out there that could use help.

  5. You know you’re in a really hardcore gym when there’s a smell of intestinal gas. The increase in intrabdominal pressure caused by heavy squats and deadlifts not infrequently results in emissions of said gas.

  6. The gym near my house is a smelly gym. When I first started going there, I couldn’t stand it, and started going to another one farther away instead. After a year of that, I was forced to go there (read: got lazy) and the smell seemed to have cleared up. (It’s a sewage type smell over in the free weight area…awful, just terrible.) Apparently they put in huge fans that they run overnight that help air things out during the day. Usually, it’s fine at about 6 or 7 in the a.m. until the evening rush…then it starts to stink up again. But not nearly as bad as it was before they installed those big fans.

    Net/net, I’m there for a max of an hour and a half. I can deal with it if I must…

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