Go away winter

I am a summer person, even though my favorite season is spring I also love the heat more than the cold. The snow is highly overrated for me since I do not do any winter sports. Driving on that mixture of dirt and frozen water is not what the postcards with fluffy powder snow lead you to believe.

It is depressing to have less sun and to see all the trees without leafs. It is also boring to me to have to wear a whole bunch of layers that get taken off as soon as you enter a building. I have had two snow ball fights in my life and they were not that much fun.

This past weekend we had a chance to visit the Arboretum around here and the weather was fantastic. The windows on the ride there and the cruising we did after were down. The sunlight refreshed our moods and the air hit our face telling us spring was coming.

I do not like to run on a treadmill but I do enjoy getting outside and going around the block a couple of times. I am looking forward for the weather to turn around and being over 60 consistently. By next week it seems like we are going to at least stay over 45 and the thought of no more snow makes me smile.

5 comments on “Go away winter

  1. i heard spring birds this morning as the sun rose! yes thats right, the sun was actually visible up here…and still is! wheeeeeeee!

  2. I actually prefer the chillier months as opposed to the crappiness that is Kansas City summer. Humidity. FAIL.

  3. This is the part where I don’t envy all you snow dwellers at all. Woo hoo for Florida. It was in the 70’s and clear skies all day today.

    Sorry John… :hugs:

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