TV Stupidity

I swear I am going to start a series about this. I was already done with my post for today and was in the process of having breakfast when I heard one of the stupidest things on TV, “So what are the dos and don’ts are around a cheetah?”

A Florida woman was mauled by two cheetahs, she was attacked in a sanctuary for big cats. Just like when Roy got attacked by his tiger I was not surprised that a wild animal attacked someone.

Wild animals have that little adjective attached to their name for a reason. To domesticate an animal it has to happen for many, many generations. Even now an Alaskan Malamute that has been trained its whole life to live around cats can switch to instinct mode the day it sees one dart by and it WILL kill it. That is what their DNA has programmed them to do, that is how they do not die of hunger… they have the instinct to kill to eat.

I was not even as annoyed when the zoo keeper that was being interviewed was saying that she felt very safe right next to a cheetah. If she wants to believe in her false of sense of security, that is cool by me. But when the stupid questions was asked I had to laugh. What are they doing for the viewers here, providing a service just in case you happen to walk into a cheetah cage? I am sure that would be the last thing in your mind if you happen to fall into a cheetah enclosure at the zoo.


I am not the biggest sport fan there is, but I do like to cheer for my teams and the Royals and the Chiefs are in different divisions than the Cubs and the Bears so it is easy to cheer for all of them. The Wizards and the Fire are another story.

Today is the Cubs home opener, and I know many people will say that the Cubs have never done anything within my lifetime. I do not deny that, but then you just don’t understand what it is to be a fan. You like your team because you have lived there, or like me was the first professional baseball team you ever saw play.

One of the hardest things of being away from Chicago, even though I love Kansas City, besides being away from family is the great food. I have yet to have found good Chicago Deep Dish pizza, and miss my loaded hot dogs and Italian beef.

Thanks to Food, K.C. and Other Things, I found out about this Cubs home opener day lunch today. I might have to go and get an Italian Beef :) if have never had one, go to KC Lunch spots for the false advertisement (the first time I saw his blog I thought he had found this delicious dish here in a KC lunch spot). I am already wearing my Cubs jersey :)
I am predicting that the Cubs are going to win it all this year and hope to be right as I was when I predicted the Patriots demise at the hands of the Giants.

I Rule Them ALL Again!

Got first comment on the Fridays Feast… but before we get into that… please step (or click) over to my wife’s blog and wish her a happy bloggiversary… I mean, 7 years of blogging is something to admire… and only one hiatus :) even better. Also, you should really check out the post before this one… the pictures of Batman will crack you up.

What does the color dark green make you think of?
Green Lantern of course :) movie coming out… greatest superhero EVER!

How many cousins do you have?
Do I really have to count!!! I have a bunch… more than 10 for sure… let see. Mom’s side we have 1+3+2+2 = 8 Now on Dad’s side it gets diecy because one of my uncles is… hrm, what is a good word… a manwhore? Lets just call him fertile and I am sure he has more than what he admits to or maybe even knows about… so that is 2+3+3..4= 8..9 So lets just say 16 maybe 17.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how honest are you?
11 I just cannot do subtle.

Main Course

Name something that is truly free.
I think true love is Free.

Using the letters in the word SPRING, write a sentence.
Some People Ring Intensely Neat Gongs.

Shane come home!

The only thing that was extremely disappointing about today’s meet up (besides the obvious absence of the self professed king of blogs, TKC, the real King of the bloggers is of course XO, even though D-Rules probably thinks he deserves the job more) was that Shane was not there. Shane, just have Chimpo explain to you what the title of the post means.

Today’s meet up was fantabulous and worthy of the made up word. Chimpo totally busted it with my wife and made it appear like we do not watch UFC on Saturdays but rather look for internet videos. So now I am banned from hanging out with Chimpo… well not really, I still have beer at his house that I need to drink.

Actually, I was also very sad that Meesha was not there; I wanted to congratulate him on his recent posts because they have been awesome. I did get to meet Faith who BTW looks NOTHING like her picture. She even accused me of not looking like my little avatar! As IF! I have not changed one bit since I was a blonde little devil… * When the text is blue (most of my a tags have had link as blue) or underlined it means there is a link people… click it, go ahead… I think Faith is new to the interwebs. 😉 I mean, look at this picture, I have not changed one bit.


I was very excited to finally meet that Nuclear Buffalo who I forgot if he was actually nuclear because I was kind of sitting right next to him and had no Geiger counter with me. He was just as good natured and fun as I had imagined him.

I then met one of my arch nemesis on the blogsphere… that 3 AM dude (Who really does not look anything like his avatar) … after a long stare down and a bad joke of me trying to call him EMO we put down the weapons and agreed to a truce. He brought in the door prices! Yeah, I got a bottle opener as a key chain again. He is actually going to watch Jericho even though Chimpo was trying to tell him the show sucked.

I feel like telling more, but Spyder would probably come and tell me that if people want to know how much fun it is to hang out with these bunch of crazies they just need to show up. I kind of agree… I mean, where can you hang out with Sponge Bob’s Secret Admirer who is convinced that some day she will get Chimpo and I not just to sing Karaoke but sing a song together.

I am glad that I might get to see Eric, Michelle, Dan, Spyder, Kanga and Alicia this Saturday :) because the Kansas City Bloggers are a fun bunch of people to hang out with.

And I am sorry for whoever is a regular at that place but the food kind of sucked.


I almost forgot to say thanks :) we even got some door prizes!

Blogger Meetup Door Prize

*Update 2*

Illustration by ExtraLife (Scott Johnson)… originally posted here.