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So I have been back to Tae Kwon Do for a couple of weeks. I have been learning 2 forms from the style and the hard part has begun. The having to forget movements that you used to practise over and over to perform a similar, yet different move. Thank God that I did do a little Kung Fu in between schools or I would not be able to walk right now because the horse stance is a lot tougher at this school.

The thing that has been the hardest so far is the push ups on my knuckles. I have done them before and my knuckles are hard enough, but we do either a set of 30 or two sets of 50 depending on the day. I can do about 10 the right way, after that it becomes an exercise of just dealing with the pain and maybe getting another 5 good ones or another 20 just regular push ups with my knee down. Squads are also no joke, specially when they are mixed with kicks.

I was concerned at first because there was no stretching before class and I did feel my muscles a little tight from not using them, but I trusted the teacher who is also a fitness expert. The way he structures the class we do end up stretching while we are warming up. I am actually amazed at how much we actually fit into an hour practise.

I am glad to know that my roundhouse still packs a lot of power, even though this style seems to emphasize the front push kick a lot more. I can feel the Karate a lot more than in any other school I have ever worked out at. My flexibility still has a long way to go, but its coming back a little faster than I had expected. The only thing I see just not advancing at a good pace is my stamina. I need to start running in the mornings or maybe even joining an indoor soccer league to not be so winded at the end of an exercise.

Today was the first time I actually got hurt by doing a sparring exercise. I am still brand new to this class so I did not know what to expect from the exercise that is basically a reaction to a front punch back and fort to work on self defence techniques. I will not go all out at a school class ever, and I don’t think the guy I was practising with tried to either, but he is a green belt, about mid level through the school belts and I think he does not have the control other people might. A couple of his blocks were stronger than I anticipated and I was just doing a dull punch so he caught me with his block bone to bone… nothing mayor, but still a little painful. We used to do an exercise in Kung Fu that would actually pair us up and condition our arms to take blocking hits, you learn to turn just enough to catch the other block at a good angle and not hit bone to bone, but when you don’t expect it hurts.

Overall I am super excited with the school. The other students are really nice, the teacher is knowledgeable and very through when explaining things. With time I will get more used to the differences on the styles and be able to maybe be back at a competition level. I know I miss breaking boards and bricks quite a bit, I have always found that quite satisfying.

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting.

    I wish I had more time to invest in something other than what I’ve been doing. Kickboxing has always interested me but I’ve never tried it.

    Perhaps one day when I’m in the maintenence phase of my health, I can look into doing that.

    I’m happy that you’ve gotten back into these things. They are so good for your body and spirit. Good luck to you!

  2. I think Sifu has finally gotten over you Logtar, so I’m glad you could move on!! =)

    Ahhh yes, the enjoyable bone conditioning,
    Kiu Sao (sp?). I also found it kind of funny last week in kung fu during technique week, we would do the typical Diu Sao to the attackers right hand punch and then Pak Choy with the left hand, which they would block. I found the next day a really good bruise below my wrist where I was getting blocked all the time. Gotta love that bone to bone contact repeated over and over again!

    Just in case you miss the old school, I just finished my fifth form (Chop Choy) on Monday! I think I’ve been working on it for about six months, ugh.

    Anyway, hope you keep enjoying your new TKD school.

  3. Sifu still not over me leaving! just mention my name and a new school and you would see.

    I miss him a lot, he is a true master… I was actually going to call him soon to see if he has any trips planned anywhere here, my wife would love to take a Tai Chi seminar with him I am sure.

  4. Hi Logtar, I haven’t been here in awhile, but I like the new look of your blog.

    Like Deirdre, I’m interested in kickboxing. I have a videos that teach the basics. But, at 39 yo, my legs don’t reach as high as they used to! It is a lot of fun though and empowering for women as well. Every woman should know how to throw a proper punch for self-defense purposes. Men teach their sons how to fight and defend themselves, but women don’t teach their daughters. It’s one area where men and women aren’t equal (yet).

    That has nothing to do with your post, does it? LOL, sorry about that. Went off in a different direction there.

    Have fun with your classes, Logtar. I’m sure you’ll do great since you have the enthusiasm already. :)

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