Friday Meme Fails me again

Fridays in my blogging world are no brain days. I like to just write answers to a meme late night on Thursday and not do much writing until Sunday… but then the Friday Feast fails me again… should I come up with a new meme for everyone to do? I have some great questions that I have been meaning to ask, or should I just do the book meme that everyone around Kansas City is doing?

I am honestly too lazy right now to go get the nearest book, specially since I think it will probably be in the book shelf and it will turn into a decision process that I rather not enter into right now.

I am almost done reading blink (see current sidebar) and I cannot wait to write about the book. Maybe I will just leave this post as is and leave you with great wishes for this weekend. I know I will have fun celebrating, see ya soon.

One comment on “Friday Meme Fails me again

  1. I must say I only skim a question or two on these Friday Feast things. The only one that struck me recently was “if you could receive a letter from any one person ever, who would it be?” To which my answer is “Prairie Dawn from Sesame Street, specifically the letter of the day; I would treat it like a delicious cookie and eat it over her objections.”

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