In 30 years I have learned

That people that are nice to you, but not nice to the waiter during a dinner outing are not nice at all.

Wearing your wallet in your back pocket can trow your spine out of alignment, in fact be mindful of your body and how it is affected by its surroundings.

Food is still the hardest thing to control for me.

Others affect how you view yourself and the world more than anyone likes to admit.

Life is too short.

Not everyone you meet is worthy of your time, be wise about those that you spend time with.

Listening is a skill that everyone can learn when a conscious effort is made.

Just because others believe on something else, it does not make them wrong.

Nobody is right about everything, we all make mistakes and the sooner we learn to accept them, the easies it is to correct them.

After a storm, those that are still around you checking up on you are the true friends.

Telling somebody the truth is a lot harder than staying quiet.

People want to hear funny things more than they want to hear advice.

It is very important to smile every time you see a kid, that is how they will remember you.

Snow it is not the fluffy, beautiful thing that postcards portray, its cold, wet and a pain to drive on and clean.

People look for flaws on others, some see one and latch on, some keep on looking for more and more, some ignore theirs completely.

My education was counter productive when it came to reading, I should have started to love reading a lot earlier in life.

I do not know as much as I should.

6 comments on “In 30 years I have learned

  1. You are wrong about snow. I love pure, fluffy, shiny snow. Especially the day after, when the sun is shining, and the air is crisp. Ha ha ha!

  2. I never liked that “life is too short” expression. It implies that there isn’t enough time available, that there’s some hurry to everything. Life is however long you make of it. Trim out the stuff that makes your day hectic, and you’ll have plenty of time. I suggest replacing that saying with “do what you do while you’re doing it.”

    And snow is nice to visit. I love living in coastal California.

  3. Whenever I see that comment about being rude to the waiter, I always think of a former blowhard coworker of mine, and I wonder if he’s had his heart attack yet because of how mad he would get at the littlest things. If you’re going to be nice to only one person, make sure it’s the waiter so they don’t spooze in your food!

  4. I had a great teacher in high school (srsly, he was a certified genius) who always used to say “The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.”

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