Car Salesmen at the stealer

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of sitting at the waiting room in a car dealerships shop. I had no choice since it was something that is covered under warranty and apparently the dealer is the only one that has the equipment to do. So I woke up early on my day off and headed to the place that I stay away from as if it was the dentist’s office.

After they did not believe me about the problem and had to redo the inspection several times, the determined that what I told them originally was true and that they had to do exactly what I had asked for. This little tango lasted about 4 hours during which I got the chance to observe plenty of sales people getting ready for a busy day at the dealer.

My experience with car salesman has been pretty bad for the most part. With the exception of a personal friend that also happened to be car salesman, every single one I have dealt with has been trying to make as much money of me instead of really giving me the deal of a lifetime like they promised.

I had never really observed them closely from a bystander point of view. I then started to see a trend that really disgusted me. These people not only seemed to hate their job, but they were not very nice people at all. In the past, some sales people have come to talk to the customers waiting for their cars to get finished, that did not happen here. The coffee pot happened to be through at the other end of the waiting room and they all seemed annoyed to have to walk through the customers of the service side. I have never seen a more hurried group of people.

I have experienced all of their tricks, from the let me just write a number down to the special price book. I had never seen this level of rudeness from a group of people that are supposed to be at their top of the game when it comes to customer service. I saw a guy literally raise his voice to say “excuse me” because a customer was not walking in front to him was not walking fast enough.

This display of rudeness solidify my belief that these people are really not too happy to be there. When people are not polite or nice by nature, I think it has to be torture for them to interact with customers. I cannot even imagine if they are trying to sell a product that they do not believe in. I cannot wait until I find a local shop I can trust so I don’t have to give the local dealer any business. I can only hope that I can find a person that knows a good salesman so when we are ready for our next car purchase we don’t have to talk to just salesman x, but an actual friend.

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  1. I’ve always felt that it’s important to remember that when you’re dealing with a car salesman, you’re dealing with somebody that is motivated almost entirely by his commission. Anything that leads to a commission will spark his interest. I’ve found that expressing some interest in the particulars of the next year’s model can get some car salesmen thinking they’re dealing with a possible repeat customer. Of course, I’m generally interested in finding some reading material, so this isn’t entirely duplicitous on my part. They have an angle, so be aware of it and use it.

    As for the salesmen at your dealership, it sounds like their boss needs a new crew; they’re losing him money. Until they’ve got you locked in with those signatures, they need to keep dancing.

    Oh yeah, and always remember that bankers are thieves. There wouldn’t be a “mortgage crisis” going on right now if more people kept that in mind.

  2. I feel your pain man. One of the greatest hatreds I have is to buy a car because of all the horrible experiences I’ve had at dealerships. My joke has always been that I eliminate a dealership I will buy from every time I buy a vehicle! The first car I bought, did not have a spare tire that actually fit that car (I found that out while trying to change the first flat tire I ever had). The second car I bought had a few plastic parts missing and no floormats and the salesman told me they would throw them in but when I went to pick the car up they totally denied ever saying they would do that. Joy.

  3. I miss the car dealer in Tucson where I bought my Mazda 6. Before going there, I went to a lot of different dealers test-driving cars, and all of the sales people were pushy and annoying.

    Then I went to the Mazda dealer to try out the then-new 6. The salesperson I delt with was amazing. He just answered any questions I had, and the test drive was awesome. When we first got in the car, he pointed a few things out, and then finished by saying, “drive it whereever you want, and let me know if you have any questions.” And that was it…I test drove it for around 15-30 minutes, mostly just talking to Katrina. The few times a question did come up, he answered it very knowledgably, and then stepped away from the conversation. The buying process was made easy, they didn’t have a problem ordering a car with the exact options I wanted, and there was no fuss.

    Every time I took the car in for service after that, the sales guy always came over to say hello and ask how things were going. It was really an awesome experience, and unfortunately I haven’t found any dealers here in Michigan that come anywhere close to that level of service.

  4. Man, I’ve said it for years now. Car Sales men are at the bottom-feeders of the white collar world.

    Here’s how it looks:

    AOL Phone Support
    Gloveless Proctologist
    Port-a-poty Cleaner
    XXX Theater Mop Boy
    …Car Salesman

  5. I am a car salesman and pride myself in customer service. I have been working for two years to try and change to image of carsales in general. Every customer I have sold has been completely satisfied and I have received many referrals because of my non pushy relaxed atmosphere. Yes we do work entirely on commission. But I have come to realize if my customers are not happy I will burn out in this business. Repeat and referral customers is what keeps me going. If someone buys a car from me and I can’t sell them their next vehicle or their family or friend I have failed them!

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