Handwriting Meme Redux

I consider the Handwriting Meme a success since it has over 1000 members in the flickr group and many people in the blogsphere have participated. Since I do have many new readers I feel like it is time to do it again. The rules are very simple…

1. Choose a pangram of your liking, the most common being (“The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” )
2. Write it on a piece of paper and sign it with your blog name or online handle.
3. Take a picture and post it to the flickr group, your blog, myspace, facebook or all of them.
4. Link back or trackback to this post. (http://blog.logtar.com/2008/01/27/handwriting-meme-redux/)
5. Tag five people.

Handwriting Meme

I tag, Daniel, Chimpotle, Bea, Spyder, and XO.

11 Responses to Handwriting Meme Redux

  1. Oh jeez, logtar!! You have no idea what you are asking!! My hand writing is absolute crap. Half the time I can’t even read it. I may be too embarassed for this.

  2. You can take your time and even get fancy ;)

  3. That was fun! Thanks!

  4. It’s up! Just Cara has done it too!

  5. Great. I did the last one. Will do this tomorrow. You need to fix the flickr group link.

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  7. Ha Ha Ha. I was involved in the last one, and one thing hasn’t changed since then. It still looks like you are signing your nickname Dogtar. ;-)

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  9. will see if I can have the time to do this … :)

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