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My best friend and his girlfriend just left Kansas City. They actually spent the weekend here and got to enjoy some quality time with us. We played tons of Guitar Hero and some Star Fox 64. We went to the casino to test Travis’ theory for roulette which seems to work if you have enough of a bankroll. We got to eat some awesome meals, but overall we got to reminisce. Travis and I have been friends for over 10 years now, and college seems to be further and further away this days. My 30th birthday is approaching faster than I thought it would and for the first time in a long time I am really looking forward to celebrating.

I cannot believe that so much time has passed by, so much has changed yet so much has stayed the same. Our group of friends was pretty close during the first couple of years of college, then slowly we started to lose one after the other. I was the only one out of my original group of friends that graduated. I did start hanging out with people I knew from the very beginning, but it was after my friends were either kicked out or dropped out of school.

I realize that I used to swear a lot back then, I also swore a lot this weekend. I don’t really enjoy profanity all that much, but it is fun to just let go and act childish once in a while. I also had not thought about some of the situations that we got into and out of back then. We were not criminals, but we did do a lot of things that eventually got us in more trouble than we really needed.

I also realized this week that out of that original group of friends I am the only one that ended up being a programmer. While some of my friends are still in the field in one way or another, I am the only one that actually has stayed in the software side of things. Even thought most of my career has been spent in integration and process analysis, I am back to the writing code lately and I love it.

I know most of the people that I used to hang out with back then loved computers. Liking them is not enough to be a programmer, you also have to have lots of patience and tons of perseverance. While what I do is not overly complicated and I think most people can do, not everyone will actually enjoy using logic for everything you do.

It was good to see my best friend, something that has not changed from back then is how much I enjoy his company. My wife got to see a side of me that probably scared her a little. Nothing she did not know, more like she did not know to what extent the debauchery back then used to get to. Meeting Travis’ girlfriend for the first time was also good, even though I am not sure what she will think about me now that she has met me. My wife has met Travis before, but I think this weekend was the first time she got to see how annoying we can be once we are together.

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  1. We used to have a pretty tight group when I was in Technical School but now we are all over the world-Ukraine, USA, Germany and we rarely talk and very rarely see each other.

  2. It’s good to see you have friends that span over a decade. It seems like friendships don’t last that long anymore.

  3. I bet your wife loves you more now because of how annoying you and your friend are when you’re together. It’s a good bond.

  4. “My wife has met Travis before, but I think this weekend was the first time she got to see how annoying we can be once we are together.”

    Ahemmm… Yes. But only as annoying I can be when I get together with my old friends.

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