Box Office Number Ones of 2007

One of my non resolutions this year is to start reviewing movies again. I really slacked in 2007 not just on movie reviewing but also watching. We have recently found a place where movies are only 4 bucks for matinée and 6 dollars even on weekends for new movies. So here is a list that I took from the wikipedia and gave myself the title of reviewer or the number one box office hits of 2007. Somebody better buy a freaking DVD from Amazon after all the link building I did.

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Night at the Museum (1 Week)

Did not see it, have not even rented it. Nobody really recommended it either, I know it has Ben Stiller and Robin Williams who I enjoy, but meh!

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Stomp The Yard (2 Weeks)

I waited for rental and was surprised to learn that it stayed at number one for two weeks even though it only made about 33 million on those two. The movie had the 80s Feel good attitude, but it was not even worth the rental. Unless you are into the whole stomping thing, I say pass.

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Epic Movie (1 Week)

I am surprised I missed this movie since most of the time I actually go see them at the theater. This one did not even make the rental list, and again, I heard nobody talking abou thow good it was so I skipped it.

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The Messengers (1 Week)

My wife has an adversion to Scary movies, and I am not a total fan since they have become so formulaic. The latest of what I think is the copy cat era from the asian horror films passed me by.

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Norbit (1 Week)

Eddie Murphis has been sucking for quite some time. Even though the low point was probably Pluto Nash, I see no point on watching him once again make fun of fat people. Not that I take it personally, but come on, isn’t there a better subject matter? I did not even rent this one.

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Ghost Rider (2 Weeks)

I did not realize how many movies I had actually missed this year. This one I can actually blame my friends for not seeing. I heard nothing but how bad this movie was and I saved the money. I have considered renting it.

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Wild Hogs (1 Week)

I actually convinced my wife to go see it with me and we both enjoyed it quite a bit. I loved the end of the movie but I am not going to ruin it just in case you go ahead and rent it.

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300 (2 Weeks)

Miller’s masterpiece was treated very fairly by the silver screen. While it was a little on the homo side with more pecks than you can shake a stick at, Leonidas kicks ass. The action was good but the visuals were truly stunning. If you did not catch this movie I seriously recommend you buy it.

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TMNT (1 Week)

Why I have not seen this movie already is beyond me. Netflix add to queue.

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Blades of Glory (2 Weeks)

I went in with low expectations for this movie but found it hilarious. It is a great comedy and the story is a little bit different. They should team up again for more movies for sure. I would not quite call it a most buy, but it is worth a rental.

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Disturbia (3 Weeks)

Wow, that is a long time to be a number one for any movie. This one was a rental for me, and I was glad to see it. The story is good and it showed that Shia LaBeouf was a good actor. I think this was his breakout year and hopefully he will do a good job with Indiana Jones. The movie is worth watching because the suspense is pretty good and not as predictable as you might think. Rent it.

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Spider-Man 3 (2 Weeks)

Even though I some of my money went to the $151,116,516 that beat the weekend record that Pirates had before, I wanted my money back. I wrote about how much I despised this movie.

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Shrek the Third (1 Week)

The first movie of the year to actually leave me smiling after I walked out of the theater. Well worth the price at the theater the first most buy of the year. It kept the charm of the first two while doing the humor a little different. The new characters did not seem out of place and I laughed pretty hard. Shrek the Third broke Shrek 2’s record for the highest weekend debut for an animated film, and is 3rd in all-time weekend debuts.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2 Weeks)

I’ve had enough of the metrosexual pirate, so I skipped this one all together.

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Ocean’s Thirteen (1 Week)

Why haven’t I seen this one yet…

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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (1 Week)

Not as good as the first one, but remember the first one was not that good to begin with. Even though the Silver Surfer was very powerful, he was kind of one dimensional. I did not like it enough to even recommend a rental, it will eventually make it to TV, just wait.

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Evan Almighty (1 Week)

To much bad CGI for me… I love animals because they are not humans, once you start making them talk or behave like humans, they need to be fully animated or they lose their charm. Sorry to all of the fans of talking horses but I pass.

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Ratatouille (1 Week)

So far the best two movies of the year have been animated… what does that say about actors? This movie had everything right, from the animation to the voices. This one is a most buy also.

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Transformers (1 Week)

I almost dislike that Harry Potter took the number one spot from this one. I was happy to see that even thought they changed a lot, the scense of the transformers stayed intact. Sure, at times it feels like an Army recruitment video, but it is still the best movie of the summer. This one is another most buy, and again, even though there were some actors here, the stars were also CGI.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (1 Week)

First all actor movie that I enjoyed! Even though I kind of feel that it is due to me loving the books more than to movie superiority. It is hard to see the movie without thinking of the book, but overall they did a great job. I say rent it unless you are an HP fan and you probably already have the DVD.

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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (1 Week)

We need to add it to netflix.

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The Simpsons Movie (1 Week)

The Simpsons have not been this funny since the mid 90s. Go buy this right now if you have not seen it already!

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The Bourne Ultimatum (1 Week)

It could potentially be the best movie of the series. The action is just as cool as Transformers but without CGI robots.

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Rush Hour 3

Needs to be also added to the queue.

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Superbad (2 Weeks)

I was not sure about this movie. I am still not sure about this movie… it is almost like Apple Pie meets Napoleon Dinamyte, but not quite. Def worth the rental price.
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(1 Week)

Not really interested, never watched the original and I have already seen what Zombie does to movies. Pass.

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3:10 to Yuma

Added to the queue.

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The Brave One

Maybe added to the queue. Jodie Foster pissed off looks like a good premise, but then again they had a sister movie called… I don’t know, I hate when Hollywood does the, Volcano movies, Asteroid movies… we’ll see.

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Resident Evil: Extinction

Might borrow from a friend some day.

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The Game Plan

The Rock is funny, I still want to watch it. Add to queue.

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Why Did I Get Married?

Might add to the queue.

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30 Days of Night

Not interested. Amazon does not even have an image for it… how relevant.

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Saw IV

Not interested.
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American Gangster

Denzel is a good actor, will have to add to queue.

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Bee Movie

Sienfeld can annoy me at times… I might make it a rental.

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Fully CGI, Full of potential suck. Pass.

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Enchanted (2 Weeks)

Surprisingly great movie. I am not into the whole musical in the middle of the movie thing, but they did it well. Rent it, kids will enjoy it.

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The Golden Compass

They managed to not annoy me with talking animals. Great story, executed flawlesly. Rent it for sure.

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I Am Legend

Biggest December opening ever. Best opening weekend for Will Smith. He carried a whole movie on his own and I am proud. This movie is still in theaters, go watch it!

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National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2 Weeks)

At least the year ended in a good note for movies because it was pretty shaky. This movie was pretty good family fun. Go take your kids and have some fun.

6 comments on “Box Office Number Ones of 2007

  1. That’s a lot of link building that you did:) I’ve seen quite a few on the list and I think this is one of the weakest movie years in a long time. Most of the “hits” were really bad, so I might suggest you look up Entertainment Weekly’s critical collection to see how they were rated.

  2. Dude, link building sucks! I hate it. I do it now just out of habit, but I’ve given up hope of making my 35 cents off of someone buying whatever I’ve linked to.

  3. Skip “The brave one”. Resident evil was a good mindless zombie killing movie. Worth the rent if you like that sort of stuff. Night at the museum was a good family flick. Didnt like ghost rider of spidey3. Beowolf was ok, but the 3d in the theater made me ill, to much camera movement.
    Your Bee movie link is the wrong movie.

  4. Run, run far away from Epic Movie. I made the mistake of seeing it on DVD from Netflix and…well, that is 80 minutes of my life gone. Seriously, I could’ve been watching a test pattern and laughed more. A terrible, revolting, unfunny film. Do you get the idea I didn’t like it? How in the name of all that is good it was number one is beyond me.

    As for Ghost Rider, it was also pretty darn unrecommendable.

    And Spidey 3 was good. I enjoyed it.

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