Tears give Clinton New Hampshire

Woman made the difference in the New Hampshire primary, and a reason could be Hillary’s show of emotion. The polls were correct on their predictions of everyone but Hilary, it seems like she did move voters last minute toward her camp.

People need to remember that we want change. Clinton was already in the white house, let someone else give it a try! Make your vote count and vote Obama.

6 comments on “Tears give Clinton New Hampshire

  1. I told you, her headquarters are in NH. I wouldn’t mind Hillary for president, she seems like a good element. But I prefer Obama. Too bad I can’t vote. :-( You were right, though… I used to discuss U.S. politics in the past, I think I will support Obama… morally. LOL

  2. I think a lot of it had to do with independent voters going to the Republican polls instead since everyone was predicting an Obama blowout.

  3. People need to remember that electing the first female president IS change! XP I didn’t hear anyone saying we couldn’t elect GW because his dad had already been in the office. C’mon already.

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