Because all the cool kids are doing it

You Are a Conservative Democrat

Frankly, the way most other Democrats behave embarasses you greatly.
You pride yourself on a high level of morals, and you have a good grasp on right and wrong.
It’s likely you think America needs to get back to its conservative, Juedo-Christian values.
Why aren’t you a Republican then? Because you believe the goverment helps more than hurts.

9 comments on “Because all the cool kids are doing it

  1. Wow, it’s pretty accurate if you answer truthfully. Says I’m a Liberal Republican. Pretty much fits.

  2. A lot of the questions on these types of quizzes really require a more carefully-chosen array of answers. The question that has you finish the statement “The size of government is” is particularly flawed, because it seeks to answer two separate questions: what is your opinion of the size of government and do you think the government is doing enough. My answer to those two separate questions would be “it is too big” and “it is doing too little,” which of course wasn’t an option. Similarly the abortion question is a choice between it being wrong or a woman’s choice. The answers aren’t mutually exclusive, and really are answers to two separate questions.

    The one Travis referenced is a lot less loaded, and has the added virtue of not encouraging the spread of Lieberman photos on the Internet.

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