Stress building up?

I heard in the radio this morning that this week is the one where most people get divorced. It makes sense since the decision to get a divorce is one that comes with wanting a different life, a fresh start. The radio show said that the most common reason is infidelity followed by abuse and then money problems.

A marriage is hard work, but it should not feel like it. If we learn to recognize how taxing the holidays can be in a relationship, we can begin to address things before they become issues.

The holiday season can really make you lose perspective over what is really important. Wanting to give the perfect gift or host the perfect party can really take a lot out of someone. Then the new year hits and all of those resolutions that did not get accomplished from last year can pile up and make it seem like another year went by without much change in life.

I really think the secret to a good life is having peace of mind. Being able to sit in a room by yourself and just be content with your life. Be able not to forget about your problems, but know that you have plans to tackle each one of them. Also counting your blessings and seeing where you are at instead of where you have not been able to get to.

It is important to be able to know what it is that releases your stress. A good crying session, a round of video game playing, a good book, a great CD. Don’t let stress get built up, take a moment of your day to decompress. Also don’t forget to laugh, make sure that you have something in your daily routine that brings a smile to your face.

Make sure that now that you are back at work, or school, or into your routine you put what is important first. Make sure that you take the time to clear your head each day instead of carrying stress that does not need to be carried. Open up to those around you about what is on your mind and encourage them to do the same. Move forward and make little changes to your life instead of trying to reshape it all in one day. Most important, be happy that you are awake and that you are taking on a brand new day.

7 comments on “Stress building up?

  1. I can buy that – my divorce was granted four years ago this week.

    Good post. I’m sending it to someone who’s just a bit stressed at the moment. Hopefully this will put it in perspective for her.

  2. I go for a good cry. Tears are a valve of escape when the heart is about to burst.

    That being said, thank you for always being there to listen and encourage me to go on. I will keep in mind the “…seeing where you are at instead of where you have not been able to get to.”

    Love you.

  3. Playing video games, especially those that require a lot of puzzle solving or strategy, is very relaxing to me. Right now I’m playing a lot of World of Warcraft, which while being a multi-user fantasy combat game also has a good bit of puzzle solving.

    The best relaxing game for me is the nation-building Civilization III. I can, and have, played it for hours at a time, immersing myself in the milieu. Very stress-reducing.

  4. Crying and distracting yourself may be helpful in the short term, but if you’ve got a problem, Super Mario Galaxies isn’t going to make it go away. I find that it’s far better to identify what it is that has you worked up and determining what you might be able to do about it.

    Alternately, you can become an hero. They’ll all be sorry when you’re gone. Really.

  5. I would have thought that money would have been the biggest cause for divorce. Hmm.

    Good advice here man. Does spending time alone in a room, but with a laptop count?

  6. I really would have thought that “money” would have been higher on the list.

    I agree that the holidays can cause a lot of stress … I think everyone should just go on vacation instead of getting each other fancy presents and having to awkwardly hang out with in-laws for days on end. :)

  7. I left my Ex this week in 2002. IT wasn’t so much that I wanted the new start, but I wanted to wait until after the holidays and not ruin them for his family (not to mention, I just kept hoping some things were going to change and they didn’t).

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