Wiill you play with mii

A lot of my friends got Wii`s over the holiday season, some even have Guitar Hero which is an awesome over the net multiplayer game. So, if you have a Wii add me to your address book and send me your wii code.

Wii: 5819 2355 3304 5713

If you have Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii, add me to your buddy list and lets battle online.

Guitar Hero: 541281254161

You can post your numbers right on the comments. Because the cool thing about the wii is that you have to also add the number of the other person… nice security feature.

5 comments on “Wiill you play with mii

  1. My Wii number is 1313 4838 2506 5914. No Guiter Hero though. I will be picking up Smash Bros if you want a beat down then.

  2. Oh god, my nephews have that game and they play it in the living room. It makes me INSANE!

    OK….perhaps I already am insane, and it just makes it worse.

  3. Guitar Hero freaking rules!!! My nephews have it and we all got addicted to it while in Idaho for the holidays.

  4. Mine is 8786 8571 4479 4703. I cant seem to get any practice time on the “kids” wii.

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