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It seems that sex sells. While for the most part I have refrained from posting about sex too much, mainly because I already get enough porn comment spam as it is. It seems that sex is something that needs to be talked about. I think it makes people either uncomfortable or curious. Which one are you?

I posted about bad sex last week and I got responses to it directly to my e-mail. It seems like sex is just something that not everyone is willing to discuss out in the open. While I do not condone total raunchiness here, I do not see anything wrong with having discussions about sex. Then I posted about Christmas and I happened to mention the movie Love Actually that I consider a Christmas movie after watching it, but it seemed to have sparked somewhat of a controversy.

If you read the comments you can see that I seem to have some pretty radical views. I then realized how taboo sex is in this society. From Janet’s boob becoming a topic of discussion. I posted about this topic in the past and how prohibition makes it almost something to try. I was able to drink beer from a very young age, and I never really felt a desire to get drunk on it.

The movie love actually is about love, but Mark saw it as a movie where the message was Love = Sex. Did we see the same movie?

I think this is where perspective changes everything. I see sex as an huge part of an intimate relationship, I put it up there at about 50% of a relationship. There has to be attraction to the other person in order to achieve ultimate intimacy. There has to be trust, commitment and love… but sex is just as necessary. Slow sweet sex as well as sweaty out of breath bed shaking sex. I believe that when a movie shows sex in regular Hollywood movies they do it in a very cheap way… the guy has to get laid as almost the holy grail that happens once in the movie before he does… do people really only have sex once?

The sex I like to see in movies is the real one, the one that gets interrupted, the one that has been built up for years, the one that consummates a relationship. Love actually had some of that, but the movie was not about sex, it was about love. Please, if you have seen the movie weight in… is it really that bad? is it over the top sexy?

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  1. This is one of the few “romantic comedy” movies that I actually like, namely because it has a more authentic feel than most of the movies that pass themselves off as romantic comedies (and women say sci-fi films are unrealistic…LOL)

    The movie deals with various relationships and how they start, aren’t starting, progress or aren’t progressing. I found the movie entertaining, funny and it made some good observations.

    And it all takes place at Christmas, which let’s face it is a time of year that can heighten the emotions–either of being in love or of being alone or in between. I think the setting has a LOT to do with how the storylines play out.

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