Saying you are sorry

One of my uncles just discovered how to forward e-mails. While I delete most of the stuff I am sent, I felt like opening this e-mail up and reading it. It was your standard forward, but it had a little saying that really stuck with me.

It is not the first time I have read motivational stuff, I actually like to read stuff like that. From 7 habits of highly successfully people to 21 suggestions for success, I like to read and think about things. I have even been blamed of being too into philosophy to the point it annoys people.

The quote I read simply said,

“If you say you are truly sorry make sure you look the person in the eyes.”

Saying you are sorry is something people take for granted. Forgiveness is something I believe people don’t truly understand… when we are hurt we expect it, when we are at fault we don’t always know how to ask for it.

I am trying hard to remember if I have always looked people right in their eyes when I have said I am sorry. I am going to make a conscious effort from now on. I am certain that one of the problems I have with trusting someone has a lot to do with being able to look at them in the eyes… the people that cannot do that sometimes seem to me like they have something to hide.

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  1. No, I guess I should have talked about it a little more. I like to talk about philosophy and read motivational quotes and ways of thinking. I was not equating the two but they do into the bucket of discussing life, existentialism and how to live for me.

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