Ice, Ice and more Ice

I am not sure what is wrong with KC. The current ice storm is not as bad as it was in OK and not nearly as bad as I have seen in Chicago and Michigan. Sure it is dangerous out on the road, but not any worse than when there is black ice… why are people freaking out?

Be careful, if you don’t have to drive to work don’t but just use common sense if you have to.

Test the stopping power of your car in a parking lot or without anyone in front of you so you can judge your stopping distance. The adjust your driving to that. Be very careful of those around you, stay in the slow late and let the SUV people with their false sense of indestructibility pass you by.

Make sure you have plenty of gas, stop and go traffic will consume a lot more fuel than your normal commute.

Warm up your car and do not drive with your car half cleaned off. It is amazing how many people just create little portholes out of their windows and figure they have good visibility.

Make sure you have flashlights or candles available and you know where to find them. Candles without matches are not good source of light.

A good book is not a bad form of entertainment if the lights go out, and reading one by candle light once a year is not going to destroy your eyesight.

Use common sense if you have to drive and make sure you are prepared. Don’t panic is just winter weather.

3 comments on “Ice, Ice and more Ice

  1. The problem is that what you’re saying makes too much…sense. People just seem to lose it whenever there might be a problem.

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