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Last night I got to see Blue Man Group for the second time in my life. Even thought this one was more rock concert than theater it was still an excellent time. I also got to share it with people that had never seen it before and they seemed to enjoy it. I love the sense of collaboration that Blue Man Group put into their show, they make their band and audience a part of the whole show. Even though they did not use the screen text as much as in the theater show they still had inside jokes for those people paying attention.

It was my first time experiencing Mike Relm. If you have ever seen Office Space, you need to check out the you tube of the “O” face by him, its a freaking riot. He kind of opened the show for Blue Man, but also came back during one of the songs.

Blue Man’s message is a simple one, its called “Follow Your Bliss.” Here is a little background

BILL MOYERS: “Do you ever have the sense of… being helped by hidden hands?”

JOSEPH CAMPBELL: “All the time. It is miraculous. I even have a superstition that has grown on me as a result of invisible hands coming all the time – namely, that if you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

While you digest Campbell’s response think of why I really think that Blue Man Group is a show that attempts to change the way you think. On an interview with the creators they mentioned how kids always get to draw and color, but as we grow up only some people get to use that form of expression. Furthermore, I think that many of us cut our creative outlets and put them aside to fit our money making skills in the forefront. Not many people make a conscious effort to come home every night and start drawing, painting or writing music or poetry. Even a lesser number I think come home every night to connect spiritually with their family, God, earth or whatever is they believe on.

For so long I have tried to make friends with people that did not deserve that title. I have talked about a couple of the people that I lost as friends in the past, that at the time seemed to create emotional void. Since moving to KC I have found a new way to make friends and inadvertently it involved following my bliss. I have really embraced my inner philosopher and made a great friend with Tom who truly has changed my way of thinking in many ways, I embraced my inner anime fan and met Biancka, Scott and Tim whom I have had some of the coolest times enjoying that hobbie, I embraced my inner sport fan and met Corey and I am now even playing in a soccer league.

In the past I had tried so hard to make friends with people that I encountered but really had nothing in common with me. I thought that my desire to establish a relationship would be enough, but in reality that is something that only goes as far as I am willing to work on it. I think that to make true friendships we have to take off our mask and show our real emotions. Of all the people I have met in my life, those that I still keep in contact with are the ones that had the chance to know the real me without the mask.

We all put a mask to go into work every single day, we have to be professionals that adhere to a series of norms. Once we leave that environment it is very simple to still think on those terms and simply put another mask on to interact on the next situation. I think it is time for everyone to follow our bliss and start living the life we are supposed to live.

I think blogs are doing just that, helping us all take off our masks. While many might think that the face behind the blog is just another mask we put on, I believe this form of expression in many ways can be considered one of the closest thing we can come to show one of our true faces. Even the most serious pundit is still expressing something inside their inner persona, even when created they are sharing that imaginary friend with potentially millions of people. Even this weird post right now that seems to be going nowhere is going to be read and maybe touch someone, I believe that is true power.

In the end all that Blue Man Group try to do is to connect with their audience and hope that in the outside they also do the same. While my message is a little more specific as in, connect but with the right people, it is still one of love. I think that we have a limited time on this earth and we should spend it with the people that are worthy of it. Hopefully this post made you think, so please comment and let me know.

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