Food Poisoned Before Thanksgiving

What are the chances that the day you are food poisoned is the day before thanksgiving and you spend turkey day sicker than a dog that just ate a pound of chocolate.

I have hosted a weight loss challenge about 4 times. While I do not like to make my blog about weight loss I feel that it is important to motivate those around me and more importantly me. I have struggled with losing weight for a long time and tried to explain it a million different ways but the reality is that I need to control my portions and watch what I eat. The reward meals that I give myself should not be so unhealthy that I undo the hard work of a whole week.

Candy and Melissa have been eager to start another challenge and I have been telling them that it is coming. This year I want to make it not so that after the holidays we start the yearly weight loss plan, but actually start it right after thanksgiving. So Monday we will start the new challenge with the initial weigh in and we are going to motivate each other into shedding some pounds during the remainder of the holiday season. If you are interested just go here.

I have given up junk food almost completely. I have only eaten junk food about 3 times in the past couple of months. Yesterday night was one of those days and you have no idea how much I regret it. I am sitting here on turkey day sick as a dog and I have only eaten some crackers and soda… forget the turkey.

The following is a complete assumption on my part, but I think my logic is about right. I am almost tempted to call the fast food place to complain because I think what they did was unacceptable.

Last night I was on my way back from seeing one of my buddies friends play a gig at a bar. My wife was tired and she did not want to go so I ended up just meeting a friend from work there. We stayed for a couple of sets and then headed home. I had a couple of beers in a two hour period and headed back home. As I start driving my wife asked me if I could pick up a burger and fries since we did not eat dinner, we had gone to the movies and had some theather food but we were actually kind of hungry. It was 10:40 and I was about 10 minutes from home, so I said no problem.

I pulled up at the fast food restaurant and they were turning the lights off. I asked if they were there and they took my order but I had the feeling that they had already began pre-closing. I have the feeling that they actually pulled the meat from a garbage can now, it is the only explanation for me being so sick from that burger. I did not see it happen, I don’t know for sure but I have a feeling that it is exactly what they did.

After today I don’t think I will be able to stomach a burger from a fast food joint for a long time. Laying in bed after having both ends trying to disintegrate me by expunging all the liquids inside my body I feel like crap. Everything hurts, I am running a fever, I am weak and I can think about is how important it is for me not to get this sick. My brain keeps on telling me that if I do not change my portion control I am going to gain more weight and get really sick, my liver already has some fat deposits that mess with it. So I am going to take this shitty day as a reminder that I am thankful to be alive and need to really consider what I put in my mouth.

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  1. Hope you feel better Logtar :(

    as for your weight loss challenge, I have a few tips, based on how much weight my wife and I have lost since August.

    It’s really a lifestyle change that needs to occur, dieting doesn’t work. Beans are your friend. Instead of eating, say, steak or chicken, cook up beans in a stir fry pot, maybe with corn or veggies, and shred the meat and put it in. That way you have smaller portions of high fat (meats), and more good content (beans have high protein, low calories and pretty much zero fat).

    Pasta is also good. Buy natural cheeses, cheddar and mozzarella blocks, gorgonzola, etc. Stay away from Kraft singles and the like, it’s not actually cheese, but really a fatty “cheese product.” (that’s how they actually describe it.

    Since August, my wife and I have lost a ton of weight. I started at 205lbs and now I’m below 190 (not even considering muscle mass gains from lifting weights 1-2 times a week). We don’t own a scale (I weighed in at my mom’s in early October, I might weigh even less now), but my wife has dropped at least 1-3 dress sizes. She’s able to comfortably wear a pair of jeans now that she couldn’t even button when she bought them.

    The only major change in our habits has been:

    1. No soda. I gave it up and bought a coffee pot. I realized I actually drank most of my cals, downing almost a 2 liter of Mountain Dew a day.

    2. Less meat, more beans and good protein. Eat eggs, veggie stir fry, etc. You can still eat really well, don’t abuse yourself.

    3. Curb ordering out. Don’t eat as much junk food, and don’t order out a lot (we order pizza or get fast food at most 4 times a month. Usually less, but occasionally you run out of groceries and don’t have time for a trip.)

    As a rule, don’t abuse yourself. It’s not a diet, so don’t beat yourself up for junking out on occasion. We all do it. the point is when you start eating healthier you’ll notice the difference. Now when we do order fast food we feel lethargic, and occasionally get sick or “bubble guts” if you get my drift. Your body knows good food when it gets it.

    Specifically, the beans are great for revving your metabolism, and eating more, but smaller portions helps. Eat, til you’re not hungry, not til you’re full, and when you’re hungry again, eat again. When you eat a larger number of smaller meals, your body uses the food more effectively that way.

    Hope this helps you a bit. Sorry for the super long comment thread :-p

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