Vegas: Chelsea Handler vs Jim Breuer

While at Vegas we got to see some excellent entertainment. However when we went to the comedy show part of the Vegas Comedy Festival I ended up with a bitter, sweet taste in my mouth. The first disappointments came when I could not get tickets to Eddie Izzard my favorite comedian. I had no clue the festival was going on until I arrived there, and well Eddie was one of the only people that actually sold out.

Chelsea Handler and Jim Breuer were billed together and the tickets were easy to come by. I have seen Chelsea’s show on TV and found it mildly amusing, Breuer I remember mostly from Half Baked and SNL and was somewhat excited to see up close. I had been walking all day on the strip and the show was at midnight. I needed to be entertained or I was probably going to doze off into the night.

Breuer came out and killed. I now know him a little better and wish I had satellite radio to hear his show. I got to learn from him that he loves his family and is devoted to them. His sense of humor was not just right on, he really worked the audience. His stand up was fresh and I only wish he did more of it. I really look forward to more of his material and if it was not for him I would have been totally disappointed about them whole experience.

Chelsea Handler I actually feel sorry for. I have never seen someone with a TV show actually not do their homework. She not only used old jokes, Asians are bad drivers for example, she actually bombed completely on a couple of her wannabe shocking racist jokes. It would have felt a little better if it was boos that people did but it was more of a collective ouch… that was a stupid joke.

She opened up her act by bringing out her little person friend that was a worse plant than the fake palm tress inside of the hotel. The she moved onto making everyone uncomfortable with her masturbation joke that went on for 20 minutes too long. Then her self deprecating I am a whore jokes somewhat made people laugh until she went for race.

Racist jokes are not as funny as some people might think. Pointing out the obvious jokes mixed with race can sometimes not be as offensives as just stupid old stereotype ones. Well she went for every single stereotype she could think of, and never put a new twist on any of them. I can only think that maybe she was completely unprepared and showed up to Vegas just to gamble and get laid. I will pass on her comedy from now on and look forward to listening to Breuer when I get the chance.

6 comments on “Vegas: Chelsea Handler vs Jim Breuer

  1. Breuer was extremely funny and he managed to make me show my molars, but Chelsea Handler is vulgar and rude in a very bad way. I suppose there are people who find her amusing, but I didn’t appreciate the sexist, racist and foul-mouthed jokes that came out of her lips. You know how there are comedians who swear a lot and they’re still funny? She is not, she is just annoying. I am not a prude, but she’s definitely not someone I would pay again to see.

  2. Chelsea Handler is probably the most boring person to have ever existed. But now she is almost in every cable channel (here, in Colombia) so it’s almost imposible to get her out of your sight.

  3. Chelsea was funny on Girls Behaving Badly. Since she went out on her own, she just really sucks. I guess because Girls Behaving Badly was a hidden camera show and she had to follow the scripts. I don’t know.

  4. well, TMZ has video of Handler making racist “jokes” to some camera men…hopefully it will hurt her career, although i see from wikipedia that she is dating her boss at E! channel..i will write emails anyway though…i see now that she has a history of this behavior

  5. Chelsea Handler is not funny. She does no homework on guests. She really thinks she is quite cool. I am not sure how she has a career she must be sleepin with somebody on the top because she is the worst and she is so self absorbed agnd think people like her yuck!

  6. Maybe the least funny person on Earth. Not the least funny comic, the least funny person out of 6.5 billion. She is on TV because she was banging the head of E! for years. No lie, look it up.

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