At Vegas I learned…

The following are some of the things I bring back from Vegas as far as knowledge goes…

* Bring some comfortable shoes.
* You are going to walk no matter what.
* Expensive restaurant have no clue at handling parties bigger than 6.
* You can get mugged right on the strip.
* People are dumb enough to smoke a water bong on the strip and then get caught by police.
* Sleep is hard to come by in Vegas.
* Do not get tickets to shows before you get there unless they are brand new, you can get them for way cheaper there.
* Not all Cirque Du Soleil are created equal.
* You have to see Cirque Du Soleil live, it is a must do thing in life.
* The locals are way nicer than the people that move there for some quick money.
* Vegas is trying to capture the Spring Break vibe… or vice versa?
* Gambling can be fun when done in moderation.
* Getting drinks while playing at a table is a lot easier than when playing slots.
* There are sharks at even the cheap poker tables.
* Do not shop at any of the malls inside of the casinos, they are a rip off.
* Even if you went to sleep at 5 A.M. your body will still wake you up by 8 A.M. because it is already 10 A.M. back home.
* Hotels off the strip are not that bad at all.
* The more wiling you are to look for a good deal, the less you will pay.
* Cab drivers will take you for a longer ride even when you know where you are going.
* Some cab drivers are actually nice people that are not trying to milk an extra dollar from you, tip them well.
* If you to to a hotel for a meal, check for deals that are included with a show or attraction.
* For a free pretzel go to MGM and watch a preview of a new TV show, after rating it your only free gift is a pretzel.
* It is fun to rate a show nobody has seen yet.
* Farmer wants a wife might be a new TV show.
* Limos to and from the airport are not too expensive when you slip them with other people and very convenient.
* I am the lightest looking 270 lb guy in NV, I got a free teddy bear for my wife thanks to my fat ass… the guesser was 20 off.
* Do not go to Vegas for a vacation, you will need one after you come back.

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  1. I think the closest I ever want to get to Las Vegas is the Rainbow Six game. Sounds like you had an awesome trip though, I’m happy for you. For me, I think all the chaos and confusion would just be exhausting.

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