If you liked this post, then try these…

Angry Black Cat is one of the new blogs I have been reading. It is the blog of an interracial couple that blogs on the same domain. The topics are mostly race related, but the writting is witty and fun. Another thing that I believe they have executed better than anyone else I have encoutered is the related post part… they call it If you liked this post, then try these…

I have posted related links in the past and even done some compilation posts, but this one seems to really grab you and keep you reading their stuff… so I am going to steal the frase and start putting the…

If you liked this post, then try these…

Another Year of Bloggin. Compîlation of some great post circa 2005.
Blog Roll Shout outs. My reads as of 8-2005.
A Blast From the Past. Good story, old versions of my web presence.

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  1. To be fair, we don’t add it to the posts ourselves. It’s a wordpress plugin that pulls similar posts either from the same category or out of the archives. If you notice, the related posts change whenever you refresh the page.

    It’s called “if you liked that…” and it can be found here:

    The only stipulation is that it’s only worth using if you have a good number of posts, and if you’re meticulous with categories (ie – don’t have too many categories/tags).

    You can actually add it to the post or the sidebar I believe, I’m not totally sure because my wife handles like 98% of the plugin and site code related stuff. I just write a lot and turn into a monster whenever too many acronyms or passive sentences appear.

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