The Time Change SUCKS!

Yes, I admit it, after being a cynical about people that complain about the time change I have also began to not like it. This time it seems to be messing with my internal clock more than others.

I woke up with no problem yesterday, but still felt like something was off all day. I stay at work late most days because during the quiet time after everyone is gone, even just an hour of extra work seems very productive. Last night it seemed like I was staying way too late and it was not even past 5.

I hope my internal clock gets in sync again and it seems ironic that one of the bugs I had to fix yesterday was related to UTC time. Maybe it is the whole week later thing and my body was totally cool with the other change… who knows. It just does not seem natural anymore… stop the time changing already!

8 comments on “The Time Change SUCKS!

  1. Yeah Paco. You suck. The fall time change is easy. You get an extra hour to sleep in the morning. Sure it sucks to drive home in the dark every night… but I did enjoy that extra feeling of rest Monday morning. (I pretend all day Sunday is old time so I get that extra hour Monday morning instead of Sunday morning.)

    I do not look forward to losing it in Spring after my internal clock gets used to this time. That is what kicks your rear.

  2. Most of the time you are right, that is when it is supposed to be harder, but this year its just not as easy as in the past… maybe Mark is right about the getting old part.

  3. We didn’t get an extra anything. We “get to sleep an hour later” but we also have to work an hour later. Daylight Savings Time is a sham, a fraud perpetrated on us to knock the common man back on his heels twice a year for no good reason. I propose we all just opt out of it this spring.

  4. It is hard to feel “right” when it’s pitch black at 5 p.m. We’re so far north that the sun started setting by 4. I think we should get rid of it all together, since it doesn’t really seem to serve much of a purpose anymore.

  5. It doesn’t matter, the time of day will get shorter and shorter until December 22nd. Days are simply shorter in the winter than in the summer.

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