Guitar Hero III ROCKS!

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My wife secretly wanted to be a rockstar and when we saw guitar heroes this weekend she wanted to tell me to pick it up, but she held back her dreams of fronting the band until I actually brought it up. One of my buddies said he was going to get it and I expressed interest… then I mentioned it to my wife and she was like go pick it up. I did a 180 on Panther (yes my car has a name) and headed to the nearest Best Buy :)

If you have never seen Guitar Hero, picture a toy guitar that interfaces with your console almost like DDR. The notes come down a bar that resembles a guitar and you are supposed to match the color and time your strum. It is really that simple, the rest of the stuff you pick up as you play the tutorials. It is very rewarding to string together combos to your favorite songs.

I am not sure what kind of song list past versions had, but this one is impressive and I am not even 1% into the game. It seems to have a lot of extras for good replay value. I think what makes it a must have is the online play. You can battle against people online as well as link your Wii to your account and show off your stats.

If you need a reason to get a Wii, guitar hero is just one more :) the wii remote fits nicely into the wireless guitar and you are rocking in no time. The first couple of times I played it seem like the initial load was taking forever, but a full power off and power on of the wii took care of that problem. If you are going to get a wii for the holiday season I highly recommend you pick up this title!

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3 comments on “Guitar Hero III ROCKS!

  1. I was considering picking up this game as well. Although Best Buy will never get a dime from me again…

  2. So, you are blaming me for the acquisition of Guitar Hero? Hmmm… Heh… I suck at it, though.

    Babeee… talk dirty to me! 😉

  3. WE walked by one over the weekend and Ted said he really wanted one for Christmas, and I couldn’t help but think that I would have two things to battle his time over — football playoffs and then the Guitar Hero. I think I’d go crazy hearing it all the time, but I’ll probably give in b/c it’s Ted.

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