200 bucks Ubuntu PC

Did I become an Ubuntu fanboy? not quite, I have not been able to really break it in yet with my busy schedule. However it does excite me that they are going to be selling a $200 PC with Ubuntu on it at Walmart.

Why do I care? Because it shows that free software is moving forward and possibly into more and more regular homes.

I have a couple of friends that are in the market for a PC that will do just the basic tasks, no games, no heavy applications and this would be the perfect solution for them. The company Everex behind it is going to be limiting production so they can provide the best support possible for the machines, which I think is awesome.

3 comments on “200 bucks Ubuntu PC

  1. Logtar, after you commented on ABC I couldn’t help but stop by. I love your site. It’s simply amazing (I’m a bit biased, also being a an IT person). Great site and thanks for the comment.

    As for your comments on ubuntu, I’ve been wanting to buy a laptop for a while now and I think I’m gonna try it out. Windows, even WinXP is a bit bloated for the kind of laptop I can afford at the moment, and I really only need it for java programming and web-browsing. I think linux is going to be the perfect solution.

  2. Contrary to popular perception, a Linux distro such as Ubuntu is perfect for the non-tech-savvy person. For one, it is much more secure against the kinds of threats most casual users face (internet malware). Two, if the user completely toasts the OS, he or she can be up and running again within minutes, using a live CD. The performance is not great, but if all you want to do is check your email, it is fine. Three, it runs well even on low-end machines, so there is no need to upgrade the hardware after a few years.

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