TV Quick Thoughts

– I miss Isaiah Washington in Grey’s Anatomy. Nothing against gay people, but George is one of the most annoying characters on TV and I would have been happier if he was gone instead of Burke.

– Trent Green made a bonehead play and watching it was painful but what Johnson said afterwards was just uncalled for.

– Bionic woman is not as bad as I thought after the first show, it is also not as good as I had expected… glad to see Isaac Washington, hopefully there are no late lesbians on the show.

– Heroes is not picking up the pace. I get that Hiro wants the girl… I get that Peter is going to fall in love with the Irish chick… I get that human gecko is getting together with the boy that can fly… lets get Sylar out of the jungle and bring on the pain, I don`t want to get into another soap opera, I am already addicted to Gilmore Girl reruns.

– The Soup is the best darn show on TV.

– I am going to scream if I see another news about what Britney did or did not do.

– Cane is an awesome show. If you are not watching it already, start this Tuesday.

– Moonlight is not quite Blade, not quite Forever Knight, a little too Buffy for my taste.

– It is getting a lot easier to get anime on TV now a days, huge plus.

– How I Met Your Mother is still funny.

– The Unit is still delivering the most thrill, best show so far this season.

– Ugly Betty is still funny, but not sure it kept the momentum of last season.

– Damages truly keeps you wanting to see the next episode, watch it and get hooked.

– I still have not watched Ramsey’s Kitchen!!!

Football Rollercoaster

Greg Olsen Catch

I can honestly say that I had the best Football weekend of my life. Even though it was a roller coaster it ended up on a high note. The Jayhawks Win, Chiefs are not shut out and Bears Win. I am not a football pundit, I am not a sport nut at all, but this weekend just made me a very happy fan.

I don’t watch much college football, partly because I like doing other things on Saturday and also because my college did not have a football program. This weekend KU and KSU played. I like the Jayhawks because they were the underdog and I am now a fan. They played football with a lot of heart and came out with a W. Mind you they were the underdogs by a lot even though they have an undefeated record. The pundits have been talking a lot of trash saying that they had just beat no name teams, but beating the team that defeated the powerhouse of Texas means something now.

After playing soccer today and not having our regular goalie I started to hit the low point on the sports weekend. We lost the game, but I came home to football. I started watching the Chiefs get beat by Jacksonville. Even though they were about to get totally blown out of the water with no points, Dunge gave Croyle his chance and he performed scoring a TD. Larry Johnson had just 12… no not carries, YARDS! If the Chiefs are not having buyers remorse, I certainly am for them. I think they need to get Holmes some playing time and maybe the run game can start getting some balance. If you pound the ball you can maybe start opening the pass game for Croyle who I hope starts from now on. I know he is not going to be a star just yet but the sooner he gets experience the better.

I have to be honest here, the Bears vs Packers game was a nail bitter. I dislike Brett Favre quite a bit because he is a packer. I do have to admit that he is an amazing athlete. However, if Ulracher were to sack him and come away with a body part I would not feel very sorry. I still feel the pain from an 88 yard touchdown bomb he scored not too long ago on us. Today however was different story.

The Packers had an unreal first half, over 300 passing yards. The Bears defence picked up the slack of an offence still trying to find its rythm and Tillman created two forced fumbles that made the difference. Then super Favre sent a pass right into Urlacher`s hand that I believe totally changed the momentum of the game. From then on the Offence started finding its groove and even first round pick Greg Olsen even had a TD. The Packers were too scared to kick to Hester, my favorite Bear right now and I will take his Jersey if everyone wants to send me a present, because he has been returning balls like there is nobody else on the field. Gould kicked like the stud he is and made sure that every opportunity counted. The Bears are not out of hot water and won because the Packers had tons of mistakes and penalties, but the offence did look better and the team does look to have a future beyond the regular season.

Logtar [DOT] COM new look!

I messed up my main domain earlier this week moving some domain stuff around. Also earlier this week at Barb’s blog she was complaining about how tiresome it is to upgrade wordpress. I am lucky to have a very talented graphics designer for a wife, so she went ahead and created a couple of new graphics for me and a new face to my main domain was born.

This is the fourth mayor change of the website on its current domain, Logtar [DOT] com. You can see the past versions here. I also wrote about a blast from the past post including the humble Geocities days.

I also added a new services page where I aim to help some fellow bloggers out, or people that want to get their own domain. Reading some of the comments on Barb’s site it made me realize that not everyone can update their wordpress in five minutes, and that managing a domain is something they are paying people for. So why not help people out and also make some money… so if you are interested on some hosting, message board, domain or blog management, let me know and I will be happy to price some of my services for you. You can also check out my resume and see what I have done in the past professionally. Happy surfing.

Another Friday, another feast!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday?
About 1… I am not really into celebrating my birthday.

What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of?
Veterinarian… I love the word, would love to be one but cannot pronounce it.

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like?
I wear glasses all the time, but when I wear contacts I do wear sunglasses… they kind of look like the ones baseball players use… wrap around ones.

Main Course
If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it?
I am writing a book :) and I will dedicate it to my wife if it ever got published.

Name a beverage that you enjoy.
Water… I have actually been really good about cutting soda out of my diet.

Blogger get together

Not sure why, but I have not made one yet. I regretted it after not meeting Greg, so I guess now I want to make sure I meet some of the local people. I have already met some of the people I know here from the net, some from a local message board and tons from the local anime group, but not a single blogger yet.

Tonight there is going to be a meet up at Charlie Hooper’s and we are planning on attending. I am looking forward to it, but at the same time concerned. Now that I think back I have not been to a blogger meet up anywhere. I have met individual bloggers several times with one of them being totally psycho… but the rest of them I call friends now. If anything I will have a drink with my wife tonight, and we always have a great time when we go out.