What we don’t have

We constantly worry about the things that we don’t have. We are almost obsessed with both material and spiritual things that we don’t possess or have attained. It is important to strive forward but it is also important to count our blessings.

There are issues in our lives every day that distract us from what is really important. It is our responsibility to take control of our thoughts and concentrate on what really matters to our life and happiness and not long for things that are not going to get here any time soon or ever.

When you sit down and list the things that you want, not what you need but what you want out of life how many of those things are you working toward? How many of those things are really attainable and how many are just dreams?

If you want to take a vacation to the Caribbean but you have not started to put money away when will that trip happen? If you start putting even 10 dollars a week for just that purpose maybe you can take that vacation next year. If you want to feel internal peace and harmony when was the last time you spent time on your spiritual enrichment? What are you doing to attain those wants? Are those wants realistic?

Counting your blessings is an important exercise. I think we should all take some time to see what we have accomplished and be thankful before we start looking at the things we don’t have.

La Calle – The Street

English Version.

Tengo un nuevo amigo por Internet. Es un Colombiano de Medallo! y conversando vía e-mail nos prometimos hacer un articulo de lo mismo pero desde las dos perspectivas, Medellin, Colombia y Overland Park, Kansas.

Aunque desde mi punto de vista tengo algo de ventaja, yo se que es una calle en Colombia por haber crecido en Cali, nunca he estado en Medellin así que será un poco interesante. El primer detalle del que quiero hablar es que en general la gente acá en los Estados Unidos no camina a ninguna parte. En parte por las distancias, nomas para comprar un galón de leche, acá no venden bolsas, se tiene que manejar a veces unos 5 o 10 minutos. Me acuerdo tanto que después de haber vivido en un apartamento en Chicago como tres anos, me di cuenta que nunca había cruzado la calle… pasado en carro, muchas veces pero nunca cruzado la calle. Tener carro acá no tiene nada que ver con estatus social, es casi una necesidad. Digo casi porque en las grandes ciudades hay transporte publico, pero apenas sales de una de las mayores ciudades así sea la población inmensa no hay transporte publico.

La palabra calle tiene dos significados muy distinto entre los dos países. La Calle en Colombia a veces se utiliza solamente para indicar que uno va a salir afuera de la casa. En algunos sentidos cualquier lugar afuera de donde uno vive es considerado la calle. En los Estados Unidos el termino La Calle tiene que ver mas con el lugar donde vives. El termino es usado negativamente hasta el punto que decir “street walker” que literalmente significa persona que camina en la calle significa prostituta. Cuando uno le dice a alguien callejero en Colombia significa solo que a la persona le encanta salir de la casa, pero acá seria alguien que esta como en malos pasos o en malos negocios en la calle.

Cuando salgo de mi casa veo los apartamentos de mis vecinos y al lado la oficina del conjunto. De donde vivo ahora si he caminado a comprarme una gaseosa hasta le estación de gasolina que queda a unos 200 pasos de la casa y he también salido a tomarme una cerveza al bar que queda casi a la misma distancia de la gasolinera pero hacie el otro lado. También he caminado hasta el parque que queda como a una cuadra a jugar fútbol y también solo a caminar por ejercicio con mi mujer.

La calle que recorro todos los días es la 87, trabajo y vivo prácticamente sobre esa calle. Me demoraría unos 20 minutos en caminar hasta el trabajo, pero la costumbre ya es de manejar hasta la oficina todos los días. Todo acá es cuestión de tiempo. Es cuestión de no gastar mas tiempo de lo que uno tiene y caminar parece una perdida de tiempo… aunque yo se que seria mas saludable y si no fuera por los cambios extremos del clima de acá depronto hasta me animaría a caminar hasta la oficina de vez en cuando.

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Fridays FEAST! and I am first

When was the last time you were surprised?
When my wife made me meatloaf on Monday, I love meatloaf.

Fill in the blanks: My eyes are ________, but I wish they were __________.
My eyes are not friendly to lasik, but I wish they were operable.

If you were a Beanie Baby, what would you look like and what would your name be?
I would be a teal dragon and my name would be Drogtar!

Main Course
Name two things you consistently do that you consider to be healthy habits.
Drink tons of water, and that is about it… I guess I do take vitamins.

What brand of toothpaste are you using these days? Do you like it? Why or why not?
Colgate is cool.

Wii News From The Interwebs

As if you needed more reasons to buy a Wii than what I have already mentioned here on my blog.

The Wii’s latest software update gives us more flexibility for typing. If you did not know, they Wii can be used as a mini e-mail machine to contact other Wii’s and any e-mail address. If your parents are still resisting getting a computer, this could be a great way to get them to e-mail and prevent them from spamming you. Before you would have to type the letters one by one using the Wii remote, but now you can just plug in a USB Keyboard and voila!

The Wii also crushed the PS3 in Japan by surpassing it on sales, and it does not stop there. In a historic event, both the Wii and the DS have more female players than make, 51% and 53%. The Wii continues to dominate.

It has been officially confirmed that Smash Brother’s for the Wii will have head to head online gameplay.

The third installment on the Monster Hunter Series is going to be a Wii exclusive, Capcom dropped development of the game for the PS3 because of development cost. The game is going to include 4 player online action!

Nintendo comes through for their users again and will be providing up to 4 free jackets for the Wii remotes in response to people getting a little too excited with the gameplay. This after they even upgraded their straps for the remotes. If only that other company would do the same for their 3 lighted toasters.

Nintendo Wii is the most registered item on amazon for wedding registries.

Soon downloadable DS demos will be available via Wii.

Wii Fit goes on sale in Japan on Dec 1st.

Don’t wait any longer! Get A Wii!

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Kids as Accessories

Raising kids is probably the hardest job there is. Not only do you have to do an excellent job on a subject that has no training or manual; you do not know if the kids are going to turn out ok or not. The best families, the best environment can produce the more rotten kids and vice versa. So why are so many people wanting to have kids? me included?

For me is the sense of family, I want to have a family, raise a family, build a family. However for me that is not a priority because even with just my wife and friends I already feel I have a family. We are also open to adoption but we are constantly faced with the reality of having kids in this day and age. It is a scary place to bring a kid to not to mention the life that you give up when you have kids. I feel kids have to become priority number one when they come to the picture and your life wants and needs become secondary to theirs. Maybe that is the wrong way to raise kids, but that is what I feel right now when I don’t have any.

We have several friends that have kids and feel almost trapped by them. When they are little they are pretty much kidnapped by their own kids. Many have not seen a movie theater for years when they take their kid to the first kids movie. Others forgot what is like to have a date. The only current theme is that they feel guilt and anxiety when they do leave the kids for a couple of hours. What is even worse is when they feel like they have to apologize all the time when they are in a mixed group for their kids. It has not happened in front of me yet, but I think someone has to be either giving them looks or saying something for them to feel so guilty about bringing their kids around other people.

Most of my friends that don’t have kids don’t mind kids around. I am personally not a kid person, but I don’t mind well behaved kids at all. I cannot stand a kid that is so hyper that I feel they are going to hurt themselves by running into a wall and their parents don’t seem to care. That is when I start to wonder, did they have kids just to have an accessory or did they just lose the battle against the kid and they are the ones with control now. It makes me wonder if I should even have kids at all, because I know I cannot handle a kid “being a kid.” Most people I know with kids tell me that I am good with kids, mostly because their kids either seem to like me or listen to me. I am not so sure, I guess I will find out some day in the future. I just hope that I am not alienated by my kids with no friends or judged by the ones that do have them.