It’s all about the Mexicans!

I’ve had enough with the immigration debate. The people of this country have started to forget details about how this country was built. I am sick of people thinking that Mexican people are the enemy when Bin Laden is still running around out there and we are about to go to war with Iran. Seriously, some people are more worried about supporting the minuteman to protect our borders than actually look at the truths right in front of them.

The first reason people bring up why immigration is a problem is assimilation. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but no immigrant group was assimilated in one generation. Go to an old German town in any state on this country and you will see that there is still a lot of Germany in them even today. Go to an Irish neighborhood in Pittsburgh or a true Italian neighborhood in Chicago… as any of the people from this generation if their grandparents speak fluent English. Second and third generation Hispanics are fluent not only in English but also in Spanish… why? because now it is not as shameful as it was back when the Irish and Italians immigrated to speak another language. Most of the people that I have talk to are ashamed that they lost so much of their culture, why do you want to squash the Hispanic culture then?

The economic problem outlined by “they are taking our jobs” is not the Mexicans’ fault, is American’s addiction to cheap products and services.

The drag on social services is not a nation wide issue and if there was a method to legalize people in a more organized fashion this would be about low income people and not just poor Mexican immigrants.

Should they come here legally? of course, but the current policy towards Mexicans entering this country is flawed at best and honestly just absurd. Start considering how many Mexican people help your life be more comfortable every day before you spew your venom and are actually glad that even KCK has a Mayor that stands behind a racist appointee. Oh and also… not all people of brown skin are Mexicans! and a Cuban restaurant does not serve chips and salsa… just thought I would educate some people on those two.

Not Scared of Being a Man

I would like to first clarify that I believe that men and women have equal right and opportunity. Mentally I find them both at the same level when it comes to capability for comprehension and learning. I however believe in certain differences that make one superior to the other in some situations. However, that is something many people are afraid to think and even more to say so.

I am so glad that I married a woman that knows a lot more than me in many subjects, she is way more talented than I am in science, and can even give me a run for my money in many others. Intelligence is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “the ability to learn or understand, or to deal with new or trying situations.” She is also a very intelligent woman, and does not feel like she is less than me when she takes care of me by cooking a meal or having my clothes ready. She has a way higher earning potential than I do with her Biology degree, and could be telling me that she does not need to do any of these housewife duties. But instead she is proud of being able to do them for me. She enjoys it and does not feel less; in fact she is very against the idea that a career woman is more successful in life than a housewife.

Having her by my side has enabled me to not be scared of being a man. I take charge in many situations and she does not mind. She lets me wear the pants in the house because she knows that every step I take is to make our lives better. In turn I value her opinion and will many times take her word on some subjects even over my own. We come to agreements using true compromise and deal with most things with laughter. She has no problem making me feel like a man, and I in return give her the respect every lady deserves.

Since women started joining the workforce the dynamics in a household began to change. Now man is expected to share chores that they were not only not trained to do but even made to look as demeaning or “women” jobs. While I think those tasks should never be looked at that way, like the whole “boys don’t cry” mantra many people grew up with those ideas. I believe that chores in a household where both people work, should be separated by a list where both people get to pick. like picking kids at school… and that last chore gets to be a compromise. I do not believe that all responsibilities should be divided along gender lines but more about what the couple like. I personally don’t mind laundry, vacuuming or cooking but hate picking up after myself and dusting. I don’t think performing tasks around the house makes me less of a man but it was something that society and the way I grew up told me differently.

Sexually it is also very frowned upon to be masculine. Man end up becoming pigs when they have to limit their talks about sex to a group of guys talking about the opposite sex like a piece of meat. Men do not discuss any issues besides politics with any seriousness because we are thought that you just don’t bring that kind of stuff up. Sex is as taboo of a subject as how long you take in the bathroom. I am not saying that I want to discuss details with my friends, but it would be nice if society allowed for open conversation. The couple of times that I had a friend bring up the subject of sex in his relationship was almost like we were doing something illegal even though he needed to vent. Many men deal with sexual rejection from their partners and vice-versa; the difference is that women can talk to their girlfriends about the issue but men are left to deal with the situation by turning to the wrong outlet for their sexual frustration. When masturbation becomes something you hide in shame but do to relieve tension it can truly affect your overall sexual life.

Something awful compiled a list of the 13 most awful fears and guess what number one was… men. While it is just funny satire it does come from some truth. When I was in an abusive relationship my biggest fear was that I was going to be the one accused of abuse. Society paints men as the enemy even if most of us are doing nothing more than trying to provide for our families. I personally feel OK being considered an alpha male even if an extreme feminist might look at me as macho and misogynist. I know it only comes from her own misandry.

Vehicular Situation

Car Crash
We just got back from Chicago and had some car issues. Thankfully that is not either of our cars and neither of us was driving, but Bea and I were on the backseat of the car and got to see life flash before our eyes.

It can be a pretty traumatic experience to get into an accident like this one. I will not discuss the details but lets just say we are both glad that we are just sore and not really hurt.

Marriage between two people

Marriage is a union between two people that love each other. My religion tells me that I should not accept the relationship between two people of the same sex, they also tell me abortion is wrong and that I should not use contraceptives. Even though I still like a lot of things about my religion I do not believe in some of their rules, specially the one about marriage.

I have seen several marriages fail. If I knew back when I was 19 what I know now I would have told half of my friends not to get married, and I would not have done it either. While not all of them are divorced I have seen plenty of them very unhappy and felt almost trapped by situations they did not want to be in. However I still think a marriage is a beautiful thing if it happens with the right person.

The other side to this is that I have friends that date someone from the same sex and would like to get married. I really do not see why it is that a marriage is not about the love of two people but about what sex those two people are. If a homosexual couple can adopt a kid, they they should also be allowed to get married.

I guess it is easy for me to think this way since I believe that homosexuality is not a choice. The moment you start thinking that a homosexual can be reformed to be heterosexual you enter very dangerous territory. I think that the law should allow people of the same sex to get married and make every single couple go through a course before they get a marriage license.

Just today I heard about a couple getting married next week, the guy wanted to enter the church to the theme of the wrestler Steve Stone Cold Austin. If that is not a reason to say that someone is not mature enough to get married I am not sure what is. Thankfully he was talked out of, but maybe he should be thinking about what journey he is embarking on and that it is not a face spectacle like professional wrestling is.

Star Trek Cast

I have not been this excited about a Star Trek movie since the First Contact movie back in 1996. I am a huge fan of The Next Generation because of Jean Luc Picard, my favorite captain. Before you start telling me how much better the other captains are and get all trekkie on me, let me just say that I got to watch TNG every week as it came out and not via re-runs. I did watch the original but I was more of a bystander while someone else in my house watched it. My favorite character was Spock because well, vulcans are cool galactic elfs. What makes the new movie more interesting is its cast, they are not main stream actors but I am sure you have seen them on other stuff. So lets take a look at who will be boarding the USS Enterprise.
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