Two Families

Bill Henry is an ex big league baseball player, he lives in Texas with his wife and it is not dead. The A.P. ran a story about his death because someone in Florida with the same name had been impersonating the real guy for years. Everyone around him believed him to be the real player because he even looked like the guy on the baseball cards. The guy that passed was married to his third wife and had kept the lie up for years. It is a pretty interesting hoax to ride for that long but we cannot ask the guy anymore why he did it.

Growing up one of my friends came from what I considered a big family. There were 5 kids ranging from 25 to 15. I was friends with the 19 year old and eventually became friends with the younger kid in the family that was a girl. They seemed to have a pretty close family and had a pretty upper middle class life. I noticed that they withdrew from everyone for a while and another friend told me the story.

They had recently found out that the father had two families. The other family was also composed of 5 kids of similar ages to the one I knew. The father had been spending some days with one family and some other days with the other for basically their whole lives and they had no clue… or at least the kids I was friends with.

To this day my brain cannot fully process what this family had to go through. I am at times even feeling like the father actually did an amazing thing. He supported two families and for the most part appeared to make them both pretty happy.

I am not against polygamy, but I think keeping one family secret from the best thing to do. Was a half time parent better than an absent parent? It is hard for me to really judge this situation because I have no point of reference and my friend never talked about it openly. It was never something that I would bring up in conversation. I have no way of knowing why the guy did it, but a pretty good idea of why he kept it secret. What about the woman involved, what do they say to him after 5 kids?

I also know of another couple that is not married but the guy has gone outside of the relationship and had two kids with the same woman. Both woman are aware of his infidelity but continue to be with him. I am not sure what motivates a woman to forgive that behaviour, but I do know that if you let it happen once it will most likely happen again.

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