It’s all about the Mexicans!

I’ve had enough with the immigration debate. The people of this country have started to forget details about how this country was built. I am sick of people thinking that Mexican people are the enemy when Bin Laden is still running around out there and we are about to go to war with Iran. Seriously, some people are more worried about supporting the minuteman to protect our borders than actually look at the truths right in front of them.

The first reason people bring up why immigration is a problem is assimilation. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but no immigrant group was assimilated in one generation. Go to an old German town in any state on this country and you will see that there is still a lot of Germany in them even today. Go to an Irish neighborhood in Pittsburgh or a true Italian neighborhood in Chicago… as any of the people from this generation if their grandparents speak fluent English. Second and third generation Hispanics are fluent not only in English but also in Spanish… why? because now it is not as shameful as it was back when the Irish and Italians immigrated to speak another language. Most of the people that I have talk to are ashamed that they lost so much of their culture, why do you want to squash the Hispanic culture then?

The economic problem outlined by “they are taking our jobs” is not the Mexicans’ fault, is American’s addiction to cheap products and services.

The drag on social services is not a nation wide issue and if there was a method to legalize people in a more organized fashion this would be about low income people and not just poor Mexican immigrants.

Should they come here legally? of course, but the current policy towards Mexicans entering this country is flawed at best and honestly just absurd. Start considering how many Mexican people help your life be more comfortable every day before you spew your venom and are actually glad that even KCK has a Mayor that stands behind a racist appointee. Oh and also… not all people of brown skin are Mexicans! and a Cuban restaurant does not serve chips and salsa… just thought I would educate some people on those two.

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  1. And don’t get me started with the ignorant belief that we all are MEXICANS. People tend to forget Latin America is HUGE, and that its culture is rich.

    I forgot what I wanted to say, but I remembered something I read about “We are accepting because we even celebrate Cinco de Mayo and drink cerveza!” — What’s up with that? Mexico’s independence day is on September, and beer doesn’t come from our countries. Give them aguardiente… maybe that way they will understand!

    Oh, I could write so much about this, but somehow I don’t want to get in trouble. Ignorant people get on my nerves. They should go and do like me, learn two new languages and learn about other cultures.

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