Vehicular Situation

Car Crash
We just got back from Chicago and had some car issues. Thankfully that is not either of our cars and neither of us was driving, but Bea and I were on the backseat of the car and got to see life flash before our eyes.

It can be a pretty traumatic experience to get into an accident like this one. I will not discuss the details but lets just say we are both glad that we are just sore and not really hurt.

6 comments on “Vehicular Situation

  1. Holy crap.

    That looks horrible.

    Still, (as you noted) the most important thing is that you guys are okay.

  2. I heard what happened. Thanks goodness you are alright and they only real damage is vehicular. The world would be lost if either of you were taken before it was time.

  3. Glad you guys are okay. I’ve only been in one accident so far and it was minor, fortunately. So scary to think of how quickly it can all go away.

  4. I had a very ugly accident like that when I was 14. You really see life flashing.

    Fortunately you weren’t hurt

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