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As if you needed more reasons to buy a Wii than what I have already mentioned here on my blog.

The Wii’s latest software update gives us more flexibility for typing. If you did not know, they Wii can be used as a mini e-mail machine to contact other Wii’s and any e-mail address. If your parents are still resisting getting a computer, this could be a great way to get them to e-mail and prevent them from spamming you. Before you would have to type the letters one by one using the Wii remote, but now you can just plug in a USB Keyboard and voila!

The Wii also crushed the PS3 in Japan by surpassing it on sales, and it does not stop there. In a historic event, both the Wii and the DS have more female players than make, 51% and 53%. The Wii continues to dominate.

It has been officially confirmed that Smash Brother’s for the Wii will have head to head online gameplay.

The third installment on the Monster Hunter Series is going to be a Wii exclusive, Capcom dropped development of the game for the PS3 because of development cost. The game is going to include 4 player online action!

Nintendo comes through for their users again and will be providing up to 4 free jackets for the Wii remotes in response to people getting a little too excited with the gameplay. This after they even upgraded their straps for the remotes. If only that other company would do the same for their 3 lighted toasters.

Nintendo Wii is the most registered item on amazon for wedding registries.

Soon downloadable DS demos will be available via Wii.

Wii Fit goes on sale in Japan on Dec 1st.

Don’t wait any longer! Get A Wii!

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