TV Quick Thoughts

– I miss Isaiah Washington in Grey’s Anatomy. Nothing against gay people, but George is one of the most annoying characters on TV and I would have been happier if he was gone instead of Burke.

– Trent Green made a bonehead play and watching it was painful but what Johnson said afterwards was just uncalled for.

– Bionic woman is not as bad as I thought after the first show, it is also not as good as I had expected… glad to see Isaac Washington, hopefully there are no late lesbians on the show.

– Heroes is not picking up the pace. I get that Hiro wants the girl… I get that Peter is going to fall in love with the Irish chick… I get that human gecko is getting together with the boy that can fly… lets get Sylar out of the jungle and bring on the pain, I don`t want to get into another soap opera, I am already addicted to Gilmore Girl reruns.

– The Soup is the best darn show on TV.

– I am going to scream if I see another news about what Britney did or did not do.

– Cane is an awesome show. If you are not watching it already, start this Tuesday.

– Moonlight is not quite Blade, not quite Forever Knight, a little too Buffy for my taste.

– It is getting a lot easier to get anime on TV now a days, huge plus.

– How I Met Your Mother is still funny.

– The Unit is still delivering the most thrill, best show so far this season.

– Ugly Betty is still funny, but not sure it kept the momentum of last season.

– Damages truly keeps you wanting to see the next episode, watch it and get hooked.

– I still have not watched Ramsey’s Kitchen!!!

5 comments on “TV Quick Thoughts

  1. Ramsey is a good watch. Especially if you are looking for a reason NOT to go eat. Some of the stuff he finds in those places I would not let inmates get away with when I was working the correctional system in Georgia.

    Truly nasty.

  2. Yes, I miss Burke too. He was a gentleman (well, the character, anyway). George gets on my nerves with his indecision, but I guess that’s how the character is supposed to be.

    I still don’t know what to think about Bionic Woman. The second episode was a little bit better, and hopefully we’ll see more action.

    Cane and Damages are simply the best shows I follow these days.

  3. “Heroes” is struggling right now. Trying to start the new storylines for the season is bogging it down. Hopefully we’ll move toward a bit more crossing of paths plotwise and get this show on the road. The show is staring to lose me….

    Bionic Woman’s second episode lacked focus. I’m hoping this week’s episode is better. Of course, more Bionic battles between Katie Sackoff and Michelle Ryan can’t be bad.

    Moonlight–if it this week’s ep seemed like Buffy or Angel, that is cause the writer worked on both shows. He left after this ep, so it may veer away from that path.

    And you really, really need to check out Friday Night Lights.

  4. We watch quite a few shows that you do. I agree that Burke was a great character — too bad Washington couldn’t behave a little better behind the scenes (though I’m guessing the truth is somewhere in between his and Knight’s stories). I think George is the Average Joe that gets laid the most out of anyone I know. I have never been a huge fan of his character, except for the storyline with his dad being sick and dying.

    I’m still not sure about Cane and Bionic Woman, but I’ve only seen the pilots so far. I have to watch last week’s eps when I get home tonight (gotta love the DVR). I agree on Heroes, but what really annoyed me the most was how Peter was too nervous to open the box to find out who he was — what kind of a person would really ever do that? Ugh!

    I also watch Ugly Betty, How I Met Your MOther and The Unit — I think you’re one of the few other people that I’ve met that also watch The Unit. We also kind of liked the pilot for Pushing Daisies. It’s a little quirky but in a good way.

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