Logtar [DOT] COM new look!

I messed up my main domain earlier this week moving some domain stuff around. Also earlier this week at Barb’s blog she was complaining about how tiresome it is to upgrade wordpress. I am lucky to have a very talented graphics designer for a wife, so she went ahead and created a couple of new graphics for me and a new face to my main domain was born.

This is the fourth mayor change of the website on its current domain, Logtar [DOT] com. You can see the past versions here. I also wrote about a blast from the past post including the humble Geocities days.

I also added a new services page where I aim to help some fellow bloggers out, or people that want to get their own domain. Reading some of the comments on Barb’s site it made me realize that not everyone can update their wordpress in five minutes, and that managing a domain is something they are paying people for. So why not help people out and also make some money… so if you are interested on some hosting, message board, domain or blog management, let me know and I will be happy to price some of my services for you. You can also check out my resume and see what I have done in the past professionally. Happy surfing.

2 comments on “Logtar [DOT] COM new look!

  1. Thank you for the kuddos. I am not a graphic designer, but I do like making graphics for websites. The cleaner the better.

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