Communication? -Static- Negative!

Names and situations have been changed to protect the thick ones. Assume that the bus schedule is right in front of me, but only bus numbers and times are displayed. The window above him does not say ticket counter.

– Logtar : You are the person that sells bus tickets?
– Ticket Dude : Correct.
– L : Could you tell me what bus takes me down town?
– T D : The bus runs on Diesel.
– L : Indeed, you are correct, but I still need to know how to get downtown.
– T D : You get downtown by taking a bus.
– L : What bus would that be?
– T D : The one that arrives at 5:15 downtown.
– L : Could you tell me what the bus number is?
– T D : Are you going to buy a ticket?
– L : Could I have the bus number so I can look at the schedule to see what time the bus leaves so I can make the rest of my decisions, one of which includes whether to buy a ticket or not?
– T D : All the buses have brand new tires.

This would be hilarious if the guy was actually trying to be funny, but he seriously was not able to answer a straight question. I am not the only one that has dealt with him either… we have formulated the questions very specifically and we have yet to receive a straight answer.

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  1. That sounds about right with some of the Seattle bus drivers and the passengers that I’ve encountered. I had a guy next to me yesterday that literally smelled like rotten milk and talked to himself the entire way.

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