What to watch.

I have actually cut down quite a bit on my TV watching. Some of it due to DVR and some of it due to my wife liking other things other than TV. Besides Gilmore Girls reruns and the occasional Real World episode she is not huge into TV. I however have an addiction to the medium like no other, and this fall season is going to be hard to resist. Here is a list of the shows that I plan on following. T.H. to Laurel’s TV Picks for posting and nice to follow grid.

Heroes (Sept 24) Mondays (9E/8C)

Not only is the Season One DVD is out, you can also watch all the episodes online. One of the best shows on TV comes back and is ready to be the most watched TV show of the fall. It is not a geeky show, and it should appeal to 24 and Lost fans. Smart writing make this show a must watch. Oh yea, don’t forget that their site also has tons of content including a graphic novel that extends the depth of the show.

Cane (Sept 25) Tuesdays (10E/9C)

Bea actually grew up in the living community for the people that work in an industrial sugar plantation. Her father was an agronomer that was a world expert on sugar cane. That and our hometown back in Colombia being famous for sugar cane makes this show a must watch for us. The great actors and very intriguing story should make it appealing for everyone that is into hot latin drama without the tear of novelas and actually being able to understand the dialogue.

Bionic Woman (Sept 26) Wednesdays (9E/8C)

It has been a while since I have seen the preview of a show and felt like I needed to watch it. This one is a must for me. I like shows where the girl is the one kicking ass, ala Dark Angel. I used to watch the Bionic man and woman as a kid, so I want to see how cool they can actually make it. If they can do to this show what they did to BSG I will be pretty happy.

* The Wed 8 PM hour might cause issues because on this same time slot we have several shows that are worth watching. Bionic Woman is just the one I must watch, but then there is Private Practice the Greys Anatomy spinoff, Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Ramsy (if you have BBC America you can see the British version that is just awesome.) that did pretty good here in the US with Hells Kitchen, and Gossip Girl that is based on a book series that Bea read… what has this woman not read.

Moonlight (Sept 28) Fridays (9E/8C)

A new vampire series that looks a little more serious than Angel. I admit I have never been a Buffy fan, but I know vampire lore is something a lot of people are into. I like the whole vampire is the good guy and without the whole cartoony thing that Angel had it should be an enjoyable new series. I will at least give it a chance.

Series coming back that I have to watch include, The Unit, Ugly Betty and Jericho. So what are you looking forward to this fall season?

Sad Day

I was sad to hear that most people do not care about 9/11 as much as before in a poll taken. I am hoping the poll is wrong, because regardless about what you believe, or the war, or who will lead us next, we lost a lot of people that day, we continue to lose people today. Lets say a prayer today for those people, or at least some thoughts for peace. This world is in serious need of healing.

My Own Logo

Since I started this website I have wanted a logo. It has been a hard thing to get even with very talented graphic designers as friends. I am not sure if it is because I want to incorporate too much into it, or just because logo creation is a very specific art that not everyone on the graphics business can do. I think incorporating the name Logtar with either the primary colors or just brown and blue and some kind of pre-colombian design should not be that difficult, but I cannot do it.

Lucky for me David Airey, an Irish designer who aims to create the best logos on the net is going to give some away on his logo design contest.

That is not the only thing that is being given away here though. Even though the prize that I would want is a logo design I would not mind having a custom theme design by Nate Whitehill, $60 dollars from Amazon sponsored by Darren Rowse, a Blog review and email interview published on Phil Gerbyshak site, or a very cool looking 2GB USB storage key sponsored by Terinea Weblog.

If I do end up winning one of the big prizes, I will give away the other things that I am not interested on. Overall is a great contest that I find very worthy of participating. All of the sites involved are full of great information for bloggers. Having a great looking blog is not just for those wanting to make money, but giving your audience the best presentation of the content that you give.

Had to be 12

Using only one word, how does grocery shopping make you feel?
Impatient… I like to get in and out… no waiting.

What is your favorite part about the season of Autumn?
The weather… not too hot, not too cold, not as rainy as spring… perfect.


Have you ever had any bad experiences online?
Tons, people are not who they say they are… that is really irritating.

Main Course
Name three things that make you happy daily.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.. LOL

What one household cleansing or organizing item would you not want to be without?
Paper towels rock… but they are not good for the environment.

Quick Hits

– One of my best friends from High School back in Colombia Found me on Facebook. Loving the Web 2.0.
– I have a doctor and a chiropractor now, visited them both today.
– I will become my nephew`s Godfather some time in November or December, my sister still does not know when.
– My first work trip since my new job is to Vegas, and it potentially includes a mini vacation with the wife.
– The Soccer League starts this Sunday, and I am playing for the KC United.
– Our fantasy league includes a team called the Sprinkle Donuts.
– Having Brees as your fantasy QB looked good for about a quarter.
– Zelda for the Wii is a beautiful game, but most importantly fun.
– Playing CS:S is still fun even though maturity level is still low amongst its players.
– I cannot have enough of my wife`s yummy cooking, even though the doctor told me, No Rice For YOU!
Stepmania is surprisingly addicting.
– I am ready for the weekend.