I post this with some hesitation. I am not sure if people are going to take something like this seriously or not… I am not sure if I take it seriously or not. From the Christian point of view I am not even sure what to think because I am not sure if something like this can be called a divine sign. I guess I just have to trust that you are not going to think I am nuts, but I believe in premonitions.

The dictionary defines the word as anticipation of an event without conscious reason. I have have several premonitions during my life, but only two that have been as strong as the one I had this weekend. Last time I started having a bad feeling about my grandparents after a very weird dream, I knew that something bad had either happened or was going to happen. I called my Mom but I did not want to scare her so I told her to just check on my grandparents and let me know. She knows that when something does not sit well with me there is almost always a reason behind it. I did not make a prediction of anything at that time, but the next day my grandma had a bad accident where she fell down the stairs. It was not anything really serious, but still something that scared us all. The thing was that my Mom never told her I was having that bad feeling so it could not have been that my grandma was just subconsciously fulfilling my prophecy.

Like I posted last week I have been having really vivid dreams lately. This past Saturday a very bad feeling came over me. I even told my wife about it and how strong the feeling that something bad was about to happen to someone in my family. From the last time I figured that it might possibly be something happening to one of my grandparents. We called everyone on Sunday and made sure that they were ok, but the feeling did not get any better until I talked to my Mom.

Earlier today at work I got a phone call that I did not like to take. Even though my sister started the call with, “Mom is ok.” I was still very scared. This morning at work someone decided to either drink at work or arrive while still intoxicated. They were operating a forklift and my Mom happened to be standing with three other people in the warehouse, but well on the safe zone of the yellow line. Most warehouses have yellow lines to mark the safe zones that forklifts are not supposed to cross. My Mom was picking something up off the floor when the guy backed into her and the two other people standing there. The other two people were able to yell STOP! and get out of the way but the guy managed to bump my Mom and make her fall into the floor.

To quote my sister, My Mom is fine. She has a minor sprain on her hip but she is ok. I am not sure if I can say that I knew exactly what was going to happen or that I could use that information to prevent it from happening, but I did have a feeling that something bad was going to happen. I have talked to other people that have also experience situations where they had a feeling that something was going to happen. I have no explanation, but I take feelings that strong seriously.

3 comments on “Premonitions

  1. Glad your mom’s ok! Sounds like a communal beating is in order for the asshat that was driving a forklift less than sober.

  2. I’m glad to hear that your mom is okay, but I know what you mean about having this strong intuition that something’s going to go wrong. Last year, I started getting a little frantic about ensuring the stove is turned off whenever I leave for work — not that I even use it for breakfast but it became kind of an obsession for me. And then a few weeks later, my mom’s house burned down (though not b/c of the stove, but it was close enough).

  3. I, too, am a Christian who has premonitions. I have had them since I was a child. It happens to me in dreams, also. I will have a dream that is very vivid and then it will happen with slight differences. These dreams also help me to determine if someone is a true friend or is lying about something. It’s not something I can control and I’m glad I can’t , but I also “sense” things about people I know, like if they have an accident. These dreams help me to understand and prepare for things that are going to happen. My mother has had this “sense” as well, but not as strong. I guess that makes it easier on me because I have someone else to talk with that understands what is going on.

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