Talk Like A Ninja Day!

I don’t only want to boycott talk like a pirate day, I want it to END! Lets replace it with something more sensible, like talk like a ninja day… how does a ninja talk you ask? go here for your answer.

The ninja vs pirate debate is part of the internet culture, so you MOST pick sides… and while the Pirates might claim that they have an actual day for talking like them therefore actually having one up on the ninjas I call, Kramer please!

Ninjas are cooler, cleaner, and deadlier… if someone talks like a pirate to you today, grab your nearest shuriken and go to town.

9 comments on “Talk Like A Ninja Day!

  1. Good luck with that. Pffft! Ye’re just jealous because ye don’t have a fancy pirate hat like me.

  2. Ninjas? Puh-leeeeeeeezzz…… (rolls eyes)

    Ninjas are all completely anonymous (and understandably so – who would want anyone to know they were one?). Pirates are all individuals who stand out in a crowd.

    Avast, matey. Strike yer colors ye bloomin’ cockaroach!

  3. ninjas dont talk. so really im all in favor of a holiday where everybody who supports ninjas shuts up for a whole day. go talk like a nija day woot.

  4. I’m sorry but, i dont feel i must make a choice….you see….its just that i happen to be a: ROBO-NINJA-PIRATE!

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