Spammed by a Phisher

Since I installed a couple of pluggins for wordpress my spam has diminished exponentially. It went thousands of spam comments and trackbacks to maybe a hundred, and they are a caught by the additional filters. I have to deal with maybe 10 or so spam messages a day here.

I was very surprised when I got a moderating message on my phishing post

A new comment on the post #286 “Phishing” is waiting for your approval

Author : John Q. Netizen (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
Is this PayPal logon page a fake ????

The link was sent in e-mail

This page:

This page is parked free, courtesy of

I have received plenty of spam and 99% of the time I ignore the message. My brain has been trained to recognize patterns in the way most of them are formatted and having a spammer put 200+ links on a comment is a pretty easy thing to spot. This one caught my eye because it was about a phishing site, which was what the post was about. Spammers now are manually testing sites before sending out their bots to post hundreds or thousands of messages, they try to sound like they are interested on your topic or site and try to put as many links as they can.

Blogs are about participation. The audience here has helped me cope with various situations and I have received very sound advice via my comments. I cannot believe the tactics that some people use to get their money… spam sucks, but phishing is worse than taking candy from a baby. And while we are talking about security, make sure you change your password.

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