S.W.A.T. Dream

I don’t remember my dreams all the time. I wish I did more often. Once in a while I have some very vivid and complicated dreams, and this one I remember as if it was something that actually happened. Maybe some of it is because I had it close to when I was waking up.

I dream of my childhood home more than other places. I live there from around 8 years old until I moved to the U.S. The house is still owned by my grandfather, so there is a chance that one day I might see it again. Two things are very vivid in my mind about the house. The ceiling on the front rooms of the house had wood finish instead of regular wall, I remember looking at the ceiling for the shapes on the wood.

My grandfather owned a pharmacy when he lived in Colombia. He moved to the U.S. years before me, so I remember the place as a kid. There was some commercial space right next to the house. When my grandfather lived there it was the pharmacy, but after he moved here there were a lot of other businesses there. A clothing store, a bakery I actually worked at, and last time I was there, a little grocery store.

Something else my dreams do is mix past and present places as if they were one. That childhood house often morphs into a two story place. This was one of those times. The surfaces, ceiling and overall feel was that of being back in Colombia. The having an upstairs was totally more similar to where I live now.

While downstairs watching TV I see my sister as a 12 year old girl come half of sleep to tell me if I can hear all the noise. I certainly cannot, but when I look at the patio I see shadows coming off the roof. Silhouetted by the moonlight several man advancing toward the roof of the commercial place.

Dreams are weird because at times they just don’t transport you to different place, they also give you a whole other reality. Almost like having a back story I knew that the current tenants of the commercial place were doing illegal stuff, so a S.W.AT. like team on the roof did not surprise me at all. My sister and I went back upstairs and saw that there was holes on the roof and you could see through the wood finished ceiling. I climbed to a terrace in the back of the house to talk to the S.W.A.T team about the damage to the roof. Their commander was pretty nice and said that everything would be taken care of no problem.

Then the dream got a little movie like. Their gear and weapons was just too advanced. Lots of what looked like unmanned weapons just wired to shoot via an electronic command. Tons of wires. Then the dream got weird and a priest was blessing the roof of the house, I asked him for a blessing and right after I shook his hand I woke up.

3 comments on “S.W.A.T. Dream

  1. OMG… We should keep a dream journal. Now, that is a cool idea for a group weblog.

    I can certainly understand why you had this one, though. The recent events in your family may have triggered the memories.

  2. It’s amazing how the power of the subconcious can control your physical being. I have been told at times that I talk and breathe funny. The power of the mind is at work even when you think your body is at rest.

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