Got Soccer?

Yesterday was our leagues second soccer match. I have to admit that with my recent back problems I took it pretty easy the first week, but yesterday I started kind of trying. I was surprised that even though I have not played soccer in years I still have some sprint left in me, just not the stamina.

First match we actually lost 5 – 4 mostly because a couple of bad calls by the ref. Our line judge had to be around 14 and it was probably his first match holding a flag. This week we actually won 5 – 2 and it could have been 0 if our goalie did not have to leave at half time to go to work. We ended up with no subs and a regular player as goalie.

I did not expect much out of playing soccer besides just being able to kick the ball around like old times, but I am getting a lot more out of it. I am actually having fun regardless of the outcome. I think next week I might actually be playing at a better level that when I started, I say I was at about 20% first week, this week I think it jumped all the way to 45% and by next maybe 60%.

I am playing defense on the right side mostly, but who knows I might be playing midfield by the time we are done with the league. So what did you end up doing this weekend?

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