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I have actually cut down quite a bit on my TV watching. Some of it due to DVR and some of it due to my wife liking other things other than TV. Besides Gilmore Girls reruns and the occasional Real World episode she is not huge into TV. I however have an addiction to the medium like no other, and this fall season is going to be hard to resist. Here is a list of the shows that I plan on following. T.H. to Laurel’s TV Picks for posting and nice to follow grid.

Heroes (Sept 24) Mondays (9E/8C)

Not only is the Season One DVD is out, you can also watch all the episodes online. One of the best shows on TV comes back and is ready to be the most watched TV show of the fall. It is not a geeky show, and it should appeal to 24 and Lost fans. Smart writing make this show a must watch. Oh yea, don’t forget that their site also has tons of content including a graphic novel that extends the depth of the show.

Cane (Sept 25) Tuesdays (10E/9C)

Bea actually grew up in the living community for the people that work in an industrial sugar plantation. Her father was an agronomer that was a world expert on sugar cane. That and our hometown back in Colombia being famous for sugar cane makes this show a must watch for us. The great actors and very intriguing story should make it appealing for everyone that is into hot latin drama without the tear of novelas and actually being able to understand the dialogue.

Bionic Woman (Sept 26) Wednesdays (9E/8C)

It has been a while since I have seen the preview of a show and felt like I needed to watch it. This one is a must for me. I like shows where the girl is the one kicking ass, ala Dark Angel. I used to watch the Bionic man and woman as a kid, so I want to see how cool they can actually make it. If they can do to this show what they did to BSG I will be pretty happy.

* The Wed 8 PM hour might cause issues because on this same time slot we have several shows that are worth watching. Bionic Woman is just the one I must watch, but then there is Private Practice the Greys Anatomy spinoff, Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Ramsy (if you have BBC America you can see the British version that is just awesome.) that did pretty good here in the US with Hells Kitchen, and Gossip Girl that is based on a book series that Bea read… what has this woman not read.

Moonlight (Sept 28) Fridays (9E/8C)

A new vampire series that looks a little more serious than Angel. I admit I have never been a Buffy fan, but I know vampire lore is something a lot of people are into. I like the whole vampire is the good guy and without the whole cartoony thing that Angel had it should be an enjoyable new series. I will at least give it a chance.

Series coming back that I have to watch include, The Unit, Ugly Betty and Jericho. So what are you looking forward to this fall season?

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  1. You forgot to add that stinky show with one of the Baldwin boys. Ha ha ha ha! I’m kind of curious.

    And hey… I like Damages, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Jericho… Oh my God! You passed your addiction on to me! 😉

    Oh, and I want to see Private Practice. :-)

  2. Oh sweet mercy, you subjected poor Bea to the crap-tastic Jericho. seriously, stop watching…that show is terrible and deserved to be cancelled.

    Drop Heroes and watch Reaper. Trust me on this one. Seen the pilot and it’s fantastic. Chuck is also good.

    Bionic Woman is going to kick all forms of heiney. Again, seen the pilot and loved it.

  3. Drop Heroes? Michael, you just told John something along the lines of stop drinking water. LOL – He loves that show.

  4. Keli and I are super stocked about Gordon Ramsey’s new show, which I think is called “Ramsey’s Kitchen” and for anyone who has seen the last two seasons of “Hell’s Kitchen” this almost seems like a must.

    We’re also looking forward to the new season of Scrubs and Prison Break.

    Bionic woman seems like it has potential, but they’ll probably screw it up.

  5. Probably House and Jericho for me. Jericho is incredibly cheesy and that is why I like it!! =)

  6. I’ll second the “Reaper” vote. Dark, funny, supernatural, subversive – it’s like what you’d get if you stuck Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon in a room together for a week.

    And I’m not allowed to say anything about Jericho – I made a random potshot about the show on my blog a few months ago and I got hammered by the Jericho Fan Mafia.

  7. Well, I think Heroes is going to jump the shark this year…oh wait, it did last year with that horrible season finale. Seriously that was one of the worst hours of TV EVER!

    And Reaper is directed by Kevin Smith…at least the pilot is. And he’s a producer. So, hopefully his fingerprints will be all over the show.

    As for you worried about Bionic–I wouldn’t be. The pilot is amazing and the crew behind it is much of the crew from the BEST show on TV, Battlestar Galactica. Bionic is going to be amazing.

  8. Why can’t we all just get along and watch both Heroes and Reaper? :)

    What about American Idol or Dancing with the Stars?

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