Sad Day

I was sad to hear that most people do not care about 9/11 as much as before in a poll taken. I am hoping the poll is wrong, because regardless about what you believe, or the war, or who will lead us next, we lost a lot of people that day, we continue to lose people today. Lets say a prayer today for those people, or at least some thoughts for peace. This world is in serious need of healing.

3 comments on “Sad Day

  1. I haven’t seen this poll, but I would think we shouldn’t read much into it because it sounds like people are saying that 9/11 is not as fresh on their minds as a seminal event as it has been the last few years. Which is normal, for any traumatic event. The shock effects fade over time, and I think that’s what people are gauging when they say they don’t “care” as much about it. There are still a lot of folks (online, especially) that treat it as a huge, gaping wound that refuses to begin to heal and at least subconsciously consider anyone who doesn’t still feel that raw anger as cold and insensitive.

    I don’t think there’s a person in America (outside certain politicians) who doesn’t still care about 9/11 and its effects on themselves, their family and friends, and the resulting actions of our country.

  2. I think people still care, but there is something about loss and grief: It does gets easier with time. While 9/11 was a horrendous ordeal, people do heal and move on to better things, working hard for their country and making things better for themselves.

    I don’t think there is indolence; I just think it’s been a few years already and people are healing and learning. They will always remember, but they won’t show it as much.

    Then again there are the politically inclined people like me who will always look at this issue beyond the pain it caused. That makes us sound kind of harsh and indolent at times. Don’t YOU know it.

  3. This is the time of year that the Media shows video footage from that morning, and this time of year that I shed tears for thousands of strangers. At least for me, when I said, “We will never forget”, I meant it.

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